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Jul 8, 2020

Onit Contributes to Crisis Effort by Powering the Evergreen Donation Emergency Network

What do you get when uniting innovative legal professionals, software developers, designers, and business people? Meaningful solutions during a challenging time.

FT Innovative Lawyers, supported by Global Legal Hackathon, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), launched an initiative earlier this year to solve complex COVID-19 problems. Within less than a month, legal innovators had to identify challenges, build teams, and launch solutions to support communities, governments, and organizations.

Thousands around the world responded to the call to action, including Onit.

Together with Consilio and Adobe, Onit technologists tackled the task of quickly rerouting excess food supply to food banks. COVID-19 has exacerbated the complications of food logistics, hindering markets and food banks from supporting those suffering from hunger insecurity – especially during a surge in demand.

The result: EDEN.

The Evergreen Donation Emergency Network, built on the Onit platform Apptitude, connects donors with excess supplies to organizations in need. Although created with the idea of tackling food supply challenges, the team expanded its capabilities to include all types of potential donations including medical supplies, clothing, and even volunteers. Using EDEN, event coordinators, suppliers, and transporters connect to plan and execute donations. This project also highlights how Onit’s Apptitude platform can create real change in the world, even in the worst of times. You can view the EDEN demo here.

Congratulations to the Onit, Consilio, and Adobe teams!


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