Onit Employees Support Ukraine War Charity Effort 

Several Onit employees took time out of their calendars last week to help organize medical supplies for the war in Ukraine. The group — featuring members from Onit’s research and development, professional services, and administrative departments  volunteered at Medical Bridges in Houston. Medical Bridges is a nonprofit organization that collects medical donations from around the United States for distribution to healthcare workers worldwide. 

Onit donated $50,000 to Medical Bridges, sponsoring two crates full of critical medical supplies — everything from bandages and field trauma blankets to boot covers, hairnets, and gloves — to aid healthcare workers on the ground in Ukraine. Five Onit employees spent three hours sorting and boxing the crates at the Medical Bridges warehouse on Magnet Street in Houston. The team returned to the site this week to help assist with final shipment of the materials.

Sorting the supplies at Medical Bridges. From left to right: Joseph Jefferson, Jana Barlow, David Goldfarb, Meredith Page, and Abhi Rao of Onit.

For the volunteers, the effort hit home; AXDRAFT, one of the businesses in Onit’s family of companies, is headquartered in Ukraine.  

“The team in Ukraine is amazing,” Meredith Page, office manager and one of the volunteers, said. “They’re so positive and optimistic, even with everything happening over there. They’re really good people, and we’re proud to do anything we can to help out.” 

The final shipment ready to go. From left to right: Walter Ulrich, CEO of Medical Bridges; Trevonna Hendrix, Director of Global Health at Medical Bridges; Meredith Page, Tiffany Nguyen, and Nick Whitehouse of Onit.

“Donating to Medical Bridges is an honor, and we look forward to partnering with the organization again in the future to help care for those in need around the world,” Onit Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eric Elfman said. 


Medical Bridges is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to procuring medical and surgical supplies and equipment for donation to qualified providers of charitable medical care in developing countries. Medical Bridges was established in 1997 in Houston, TX. 

For more information on Medical Bridges, visit https://www.medicalbridges.org.  

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