Onit Honors More Sheroes as Part of Women’s History Month

Dayana JosephDayana Joseph is one of Onit’s Software Support Analyst based out of the Austin, TX, office. Over the past two years, Dayana has played an important role on Onit’s Customer Support team. Recently, Dayana was able to support a client’s streamlining efforts for their invoices which resulted in “virtual hugs and ‘thank yous’ every day.” Dayana commented that, “these wins definitely make my day and allow my passion to come up with creative solutions thrive.” Dayana shares Onit’s values of passion and persistence, which allow her to “tackle the many different challenges that are presented and maintain positive relationships with my clients.”

Dayana recently obtained her master’s degree in engineering management and would like to eventually become a project manager. Dayana says that her favorite part of Onit is that “the people are passionate about their work, the environment is energizing, and the future is exciting!” She shared that she appreciates that her team has brought out her potential to not only resolve issues, but also to work through complex enhancements.

Kate KatzKate Katz is one of Onit’s Strategic Alliances managers based out of the Houston, TX, office. Over the past two years, Kate has been a key player in building and shaping Onit’s Strategic Alliances Program. After gathering input from teams across the company and building out the necessary infrastructure, Kate and her team formally launched the Strategic Alliances Program last month. Kate shared that Onit’s values of passion and people resonate with her the most. Kate states, “I am passionate about the people we work with: our partners, our clients, and my colleagues here at Onit.”

Over the next year, Kate will focus on the execution of Onit’s strategic vision with its alliance partners. Kate will be “setting goals with our partners and marshalling them through to completion.” In-line with Kate’s achievements, Kate shared, “my favorite part of working at Onit is the freedom and responsibility to create and execute on new initiatives.”

Pooja PatilPooja Patil is a Professional Service Engineer in the Professional Services Group in Onit’s Pune, India, office. Recently, Pooja worked with one of Onit’s more complex clients through the end-to-end process of their implementation. This client recently had a successful go-live and Pooja shared that “it’s pleasing to see them happy with the implementation.” Pooja believes that Onit’s value of people is the most important, stating that “Onit strives for a blameless culture that respects people as individuals and paves the way to genuine learning and improvement.”

In the coming year, Pooja will continue to work on becoming an expert in her field. She shared that her favorite part of Onit is that the company welcomes and values feedback from its employees. Pooja values that “we can voice our thoughts and they are respected.”

Jozlyn Ver MeerJozlyn Ver Meer is a Sales Operations Analyst based out of the Houston, TX, office. Jozlyn plays a critical role in the day-to-day functions of the sales team and the other teams they interact with. Jozlyn shared that she has automated reports that previously required manual entry and “helped cut down on the time it takes to complete reporting to the executive team and board members.” Jozlyn believes the Onit value of persistence is key in a company like Onit. She believes that “even as we continue to provide high quality performance, there are always places to improve and become more efficient.”

Jozlyn will continue to implement more processes over the next year to “automate reporting, make cross-team collaboration more efficient, and hopefully build out the team to support the company in our growing initiatives.” Asked about her favorite part about working at Onit, Jozlyn stated, “the culture at Onit is one of the best that I have worked in. Colleagues aren’t just the people who you see in the office, but they are also invested in you personally and want to see everyone succeed.”

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