Onit Presents at 2014 Operational Excellence in Insurance: Navigating the “New BPM” Landscape: Taming Business Process and Empowering Knowledge Workers

With a host of regulatory and economic pressures facing the insurance industry, the time is ripe for processes that enable operational efficiency and visibility. The 2014 PEX Operational Excellence in Insurance Forum is a conference that aims to give organizations a framework for developing strategies for change through process improvement. The conference scheduled for Oct 27-29 in New York features presentations from more than 20 experts in companies including Prudential, AIG and State Farm.

On Tuesday, October 28 at 11:35 ET, Paul Zengilowski, Onit’s Customer Experience Executive, will present Navigating the “New BPM” Landscape: Taming Business Process and Empowering Knowledge Workers. Despite business process management (BPM) being a top initiative at most global companies, it is nearly impossible to tame the chaos around processes because of a lack of visibility and use of antiquated systems. Paul will lead a discussion on how Smart Process Apps can bridge the gap between old systems and change. Because of their flexibility, ease of use and low deployment costs, Smart Process Apps enable knowledge workers to focus on process results rather than difficult technology.

In this presentation, Zengilowski’s will highlight:

  • The simplicity of creating business Apps and how it facilitates rapid development and “learn by doing” mentality
  • The importance of delivering world-class customer value that supports all points of interactions between knowledge workers
  • The difference between a standard development toolset and custom development through IT
  • The strategic value and ROI of moving process initiation and approval out of email to gain increased transparency

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