Onit Presents at LegalTech West Coast 2014: A Case for Business Apps at Johnson Controls

In the growing legal industry, workloads are increasing and processes are becoming more complex. Enterprise software has helped to manage records and tasks on the corporate level, but modifying enterprise software for your evolving business is expensive and time consuming. Smart Process Apps have risen to help firms manage collaborative business processes and matter management by filling in the gaps of existing software infrastructure.

On Wednesday, June 25 at 10:30 a.m. PT at LegalTech West Coast in Los Angeles, Paul Zengilowski, Customer Development Executive at Onit, and Ted Jankowski, managed the introduction of the Onit App Builder at Johnson Controls (currently retired), will present a case study on how Johnson Controls deployed Apps to systematically addressing business opportunity and legal risk.

5 Ways Smart Process Apps are Re-Inventing Legal Operations:

1. Enhance capabilities to manage risk.

Onit Apps help legal teams streamline operations, control costs, and gain visibility into projects. With imbedded awareness data and analytical tools designed for real-time evaluation of business activities, Apps help companies adapt and reduce risk.

2. Improve responsiveness to business clients.

Onit Apps are design by people, for people. They offer a truly collaborative platform and visibility into every stage of the process, helping law departments solve real business problems and adapt to their changing client needs.

3. Increase productivity of staff attorneys.

Collaboration is vital for managing processes. Onit Apps give team members a simple way to communicate in a shared workspace, reducing the time spent on tasks and document research and increasing overall productivity.

4. Achieve greater transparency and insight around portfolio of work.

Onit Apps automate manual, cumbersome, and often paper intensive processes, while giving team members visibility throughout the process. The enhanced insight provides opportunities to make changes to the workflow and adapt as needed.

5. Manage evolving business processes through adaptable, quickly deployed tools.

Unlike traditional enterprise software, Onit Apps can be configured and implemented in weeks, so you can reap the financial and operational savings more quickly. Additionally, enhancements to Onit Apps can be made anytime giving you the power to adapt your software to your ever-evolving business, not the other way around.

If you are interested in helping your firm or law department control costs and increase efficiency and automate business processes, join us today at LTWC to learn how Onit Smart Process Apps can help!

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