Onit Recognizes Our Sheroes to Kick Off Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Onit is recognizing our #Sheroes who go above and beyond every day. This week, we are celebrating Alexandra Divin, Sejal Supariwale, and Josie Johnson.

Alex DivinAlexandra Divin is a program manager in Onit’s Houston office. Throughout her three years at Onit, Alexandra has led her team to a multitude of project completions and continuously provides insight and guidance through milestones of our implementations. Recently, Alexandra faced the challenge of getting an implementation back on track. She was able to gain back the client’s trust, work through the various challenges, and continue to drive towards a successful go live despite the hurdles they previously experience.

Alexandra applies Onit’s values of passion and persistence on a daily basis as the professional services group presents its unique challenges. She is often tasked with finding a solution to these challenges and applies a creative outlook to drive her team, the projects, and ultimately Onit as a whole. Alexandra strives to continue to build out her team and refine their working relationship that they have with Onit’s partners. Alexandra enjoys the people that she works with and believes they are the best part of Onit. The delicious, free snacks provided don’t hurt either.

Sejal SupariwaleSejal Supariwale is a quality assurance engineer in Onit’s Pune, India office. Over the past 18 months, Sejal has played a critical role in the quality of Onit’s solutions delivered to our clients. Sejal and her team were part of delivering a tool to efficiently validate the system fields and their attributes specified by clients which are then produced in a report. By delivering this tool, the team has been able to reduce field testing from 2-3 days down to 2 hours in addition to automating manual tasks. This is crucial to the success of Onit’s solutions delivered to our clients. Sejal embodies Onit’s value of passion as she continues to create something new, conceptualize a new idea and thrive to produce the best output: “I had, I am and I will always be driven by this force.”

Sejal aspires to grow her current role into managing the end-to-end processes by bringing her granular knowledge of the process to benefit the problems faced at the conceptual, functional, technical, and process level. Sejal loves seeing the innovation of ideas, articulation of thoughts, and the urge to reach the top as she looks across the teams at Onit.

Josie JohnsonJosie Johnson is Onit’s marketing director in our Houston office. Over the past year, Josie has served an essential role in planning and executing Onit’s exceptional events such as tradeshows, customer forums, special event dinners, and so much more. Josie has been able to see the success of her team blossom over the past year as a specific member began in the “starting out” phase and transitioned to the “growth and development” phase of a marketing events manager. Josie feels rewarded each time she sees this member take on a challenge and succeed. Josie is presenting Onit’s value of purpose each and every day as she sees the company rowing in the same direction rather than struggling against the currents that may come our way. This overall creates more positivity for Onit’s customers and the employees.

Josie enjoys sharing her experience with the younger employees at Onit and making an impact on the marketing team, thereby contributing to Onit’s success. Josie appreciates the comradery of the people of Onit as they are setup to deliver excellence through mutual respect and support, teamwork, and the ability to make decisions based on experience and their own analysis.


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