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Apr 27, 2020

Onit Releases New COVID-19 Contract and Meeting Applications for Free!

As we continue to face this ever-changing environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made it our mission at Onit to help organizations the best way we know how. By providing free business continuity software applications that help organizations manage their remote workforce, financial impacts, business processes, and company risk. We feel that it is our responsibility as an enterprise software vendor to not only take care of our customers but to do our part in helping every type of business of every size.

I am pleased to announce that we are launching two new free Business Continuity Apps, Contract Compliance Issue Tracking, and Weekly Meeting Tracker.

Contract Compliance App

Contract Compliance Issue Tracking App

Contract Compliance Issue Tracking App provides a mechanism for companies to log and manage issues reported by (inbound) or reported to (outbound) external parties that impact the ability to deliver on a contract. This includes, but is not limited to, force majeure claims. This App also:

  • Enables employees to notify the legal department quickly of problems with contract compliance and what obligations may not be able to be met
  • Provides visibility into the types of compliance issues that have been reported based on the level of risk
  • Sets rules for automatically notifying legal, finance, and operations reviewers
Weekly Meeting Tracker App

Weekly Meeting Tracker App

Weekly Meeting Tracker Application enables managers and leadership to quickly establish a framework for offsite team communications, including managing agendas and follow-ups for standup meetings and aggregating updates for management reporting. This Apps also:

  • Manages meetings and provide visibility to their outcomes
  • Adds meetings details and generates team email notifications to communicate meeting descriptions, attendees, topics, and post-meeting outcomes
  • Sends reminders to have updates and discussion topics provided by team members before meetings to ensure meetings are productive and efficient

We have designed these Business Continuity Apps with three key principles in mind, free, simple, and standard. As stated earlier, we are here to help and when we say free, we mean FREE! We are able to do this by engineering these Apps as simple and as standard as possible so that they can be used out of the box across a variety of industries, departments, and use cases.

Even though these Apps are out of the box, they are still built upon our innovative workflow platform. Meaning they share the same infrastructure, security, and performance as all of our industry-leading enterprise-class software. Another benefit of the cloud-based Business Continuity Apps is that they are accessible on any modern web-browser, device, and to an unlimited of users.

For more information on our Business Continuity Apps for COVID-19 please visit us online.


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