Onit Signs Partnership with Mosaic Consulting

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce our partnership with Mosaic Consulting, a leading consulting firm in the corporate legal community. The partnership will leverage our technology (Onit Process) while combining Mosaic’s consulting services to give legal departments a powerful solution to automate legal processes, drive legal operational efficiency and extend legal services beyond the legal department.

The Mosaic partnership is a major win for us. Mosaic possesses a unique combination of technical and management skills and has a proven track record in the corporate legal environment. Our goal with this partnership is to allow legal departments to quickly implement new technology and see significant productivity gains and cost savings within weeks of deployment.

Our SaaS offering combined with Mosaic’s consulting expertise will make it easy for any legal department to implement a legal process management initiative. By joining forces, legal departments will have a powerful solution to reduce legal costs, better manage complex workflows and minimize company risk and exposure.

Dan Hamilton, president of Mosaic Consulting agrees that the partnership is a major power play in the industry.

“Legal project and process management are here to stay. Onit truly understands the unique needs of the legal industry and has the technology to make automating legal and business processes standard practice in all legal departments, regardless of their size. The technology is easily customizable and uses a simplified interface unlike any in the industry.”

The partnership will bring real value to legal departments looking to implement processes that have traditionally been paper-based and manual. With this partnership, we are uniquely positioned to make the implementation seamless and produce immediate ROI for your department.

Learn more about Onit Process and watch these screencasts. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a demo.

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