Onit’s Apptitude Platform Part II: The Differentiator

In part I of this blog series we discussed the Apptitude platform, focusing on an overview of what it does and how it works. We referred to the platform as a differentiator because it stands out from the rest of the pack. Onit differentiates itself from other providers because we have a deep understanding of what customers need and are looking for to stay ahead of the game.

Apptitude offers more than 200 pre-built actions, is easily configurable, scalable, agile and sports low-code configuration to facilitate fast development. Among its many capabilities, Apptitude features state-of-the-art collaboration, integrations, security, process and workflow. Robust reporting ability shouldn’t be ignored, and Apptitude offers Onit Suites, grid-based dashboards, Tableau integrations and Microsoft Word and Excel reporting. Onit integrations are highly robust with an extensive API and REST request action.

Apart from its capabilities, here are five reasons to use a platform like Apptitude:

1. Cost savings:
Solve business problems without the need for costly support, training or IT infrastructure. Software as a service (SaaS) is the way to go, freeing up your team members to do their “real work.”

2. Solutions are easy to create:
Some workflow solutions can be created in less than 30 minutes, depending on the complexity and scope of the workflow.

3. Transparency:
Business teams have real-time visibility in processes, such as legal service requests, NDA requests, or contract negotiations.

4. Implementation is fast:
Most implementations take place in weeks, not months and ROI can be seen much sooner than with traditional process automation projects.

5. Highly human-centric:
Each solution has four simple but crucial built-in capabilities:

  • A simple intake form
  • Shared workspace
  • Configured and ad hoc workflow
  • Dashboard views

Business process automation platforms have been around for years, but the best have only recently emerged. It can be an overwhelming task trying to decide which one is just right for your business. When it comes to state-of-the-art solution development, you must have the workflow, process and collaboration platform that is the best fit for the way your teams work.

To learn more about our business process automation platform, listen to Episode 3 with our Apptitude expert Jonathan Powers.

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