OnitX Legal Holds Management: An Easier Path Through a Challenging Trail

The legal holds process is often a painful one; it’s also a necessary part of doing business, as a critical and extremely visible cornerstone of litigation and e-discovery. Unfortunately, too many legal holds products on the market present a poor fit for legal organizations. Most options for legal holds come built for specialized teams, with complex software, manual processes, and a highly technical focus; they’re built for e-discovery first, with the idea of legal holds as an afterthought (at best).

This presents a massive challenge to mainstream legal departments, as these options lack the accessibility, convenience, and straightforward management required to secure a smooth legal holds process throughout the organization. The good news? There is a better legal holds option out there.

A Simpler Solution for Legal Departments: The Benefits of OnitX Legal Holds Management

Purpose-built for mainstream legal teams, OnitX Legal Holds Management delivers an easy-to-use, easy-to-initiate solution for this vital task. OnitX Legal Holds Management offers a straightforward four-step process for initiating holds:

  • Select the custodians you want to put on the hold. A pre-configured integration works with virtually every HR and back-end system to ensure distribution to the correct parties. One-click options release or restore custodians from legal holds as the needs of the matter change.
  • Draft and review the legal hold notice. Utilize the Legal Holds Management template library to cut down on creation time and use for future holds.
  • Review the legal hold notice with essential parties. Approval steps can be configured and assigned to the appropriate reviewers.
  • Distribute the legal hold. Custom dashboards and reports allow organizations to check in on the status of legal holds and analyze key metrics.

Another benefit of OnitX Legal Holds Management? Significantly improved communication with essential custodians throughout the organization. Instead of a time-intensive administrative task — chasing down non-responsive custodians to secure their involvement – Legal Holds Management provides a streamlined, automated way to communicate the legal hold status to involved parties. Communication features include:

  • Automated custom scheduling of communications to remind custodians of the legal hold status — and alert others to non-responsive personnel
  • Proxy acknowledgment to reduce the burden on key executives, empowering assistants and other proxies to keep the legal holds workflow going
  • Custodian digest emails so custodians can quickly see which holds they are on and what they must do
  • Custodian dashboards to easily resolve all holds in one space

Finally, Legal Holds Management takes the pressure off an organization’s IT department by delivering simplified and comprehensive document preservation through Integration (powered by Workato). Legal no longer needs to coordinate with overworked IT staff to ensure the department secures every must-keep document. Legal Holds Management removes the ask for IT support with easy, fast preservation of all necessary files and includes:

  • Single-checkbox enablement by legal staff, with no IT help required (beyond initial setup)
  • Slack preservation by channel and direct message
  • Google Vault preservation for docs, chat, and/or email on a service level
  • Microsoft 365 email and Teams preservation with the click of a button

Legal Holds Management also delivers organizations complete auditability, getting a complete trail of legal hold activity and complying with Electronically Stored Information (ESI) requests for overseas employees.

Seamless Integration with Matter Management

In an economic environment where the organization expects every department to drive business revenue, Legal must take the initiative to create streamlined processes and make the most out of its resources. Legal Holds Management integrates seamlessly with OnitX Matter Management where the initiation of a litigation matter starts.

The simplified, user-friendly, and accessible Legal Holds Management gives Legal the efficient edge it needs.

Learn more about OnitX Legal Holds Management here.

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