Performance Pains, Smart Process Apps and Austin

Corporate growth is good – great in most cases. But with growth comes an unrelenting demand for urgent legal services and an ongoing challenge to provide improved and expanded legal services.

In other words, you can’t rest on your laurels if you’re working in the legal department of a rapidly evolving and expanding corporation.

For what seems like generations (but really is probably only about two to three decades), legal departments have relied on enterprise software to handle important process such as matter and legal spend management. However, the one weakness of these solutions is the fact that most of the important processes that fuel this software’s purpose rely on tools outside of the solution.

How can you bridge this gap to optimize your software investment?

Our customer development executive Paul Zengilowski will tackle this question and more as he presents in Austin on Oct. 15 at Mitratech’s annual users’ conference. The conference welcomes hundreds of Mitratech clients and partners and provides a peer-driven forum based on practical strategies for legal, compliance and risk for corporations and government agencies.

Zengilowski will partner with Rich Seleznov of 3rd Street Consulting LLC to share “A New Era: Smart Process Apps are Re-inventing How Law Departments Operate.” This discussion will include an overview into Smart Process Apps and how corporate legal departments have used them to cultivate significant improvements in operational processes and cost reductions.

We hope to see you there and invite you to learn more about the session and Mitratech Interact 2013 by visiting


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