Reduce the Peril: Best Defense Against Legal Hold Threats

In our new white paper, “Is it Worth the Risk? How to Implement a World Class Defensible Legal Hold Process” we discuss the significance of legal holds in today’s corporate environment, why you need gold-standard legal hold automation software and strategies to fuel your company’s path toward a robust legal hold process.

Legal holds involve the preservation of information when litigation is reasonably anticipated. Recent legal hold cases and their subsequent negative outcomes for the corporations involved have highlighted the need for companies to be highly proactive in dealing with legal holds. Among these negative outcomes were several multi-million dollar fines imposed on corporations; one fine was in excess of $29 million dollars.

In recent history, landmark legal hold cases such as Zubulake v. UBS Warburg have underscored the importance of companies maintaining a tight grip on their legal hold processes. As we continue learning from past mistakes, there are fewer excuses for not implementing a strong legal hold process. Simply put, companies must have a well-documented process for executing legal holds, and exercise the proper care to preserve and collect electronically stored information.

Download this new white paper to discover how a cutting edge legal hold platform allows team members to gain real-time access to the status of collection requests, know when actions were issued, which tasks are in progress and which legal actions require immediate attention.

Our new white paper offers the following insights:

  • Why you need a world class legal hold process
  • History of recent landmark legal hold cases
  • Current best practices of legal holds
  • Features to know before shopping for legal hold software
  • Problems associated with using antiquated or inappropriate legal hold tools

A powerful legal hold App offers a quick and highly cost-effective way to supercharge your automated business processes, as well as your bottom line. Reduce the ever-present risk of costly court cases. The stakes are high, and the time to act is now.

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