Rethinking BPM: Onit to Moderate a Panel Discussion at Operational Excellence Conference on March 10

Amidst increasing workloads, decreasing budgets, and a rise in the complexity of the work, corporate law departments are struggling under the weight of this difficult set of circumstances. While enterprise software has helped manage records and tasks on the corporate level, modifying enterprise software for the way your business works today is expensive and time-consuming. So, how do you increase efficiency and productivity in a way that’s cost effective and easy to iterate to evolve with your business? Join us as we present a panel discussion entitled, “Managing Complex Operations: Filling in the Gaps to Redefine the Way You Work,” on Tuesday, March 10. The panel is part of the three-day conference, Operational Excellence in Financial Services held at the TKP New York Conference Center March 9-11.  

The panelists will include Nancy Scott, Global Head of Legal Process Excellence at AIG, An Trotter, the former Senior Director of Administration, Law Department at Viacom, and John Gilman, VP of Products at Onit. In 2014, AIG was recognized by Corporate Counsel Magazine, as Best Legal Department in part for Nancy Scott’s “prioritizing innovation and attention to process efficiency in order to save resources and survive the financial crisis.” In her tenure at Viacom, An Trotter oversaw several successful improvement initiatives, which included a rate review process and an attorney certification process. Nancy Scott and An Trotter will highlight their departments’ focus on process improvement and how Onit Apps have proven to be the right tools for improving day-to-day operations.

In this panel, moderated by Paul Zengilowski, Customer Experience Executive at Onit, we will discuss the shift in thinking around traditional BPM practices and technology and how the rise of “low-code development” has increased the ability for departments to execute on their process initiatives. An Trotter and Nancy Scott will offer first-person insights and strategies from managing their own successful departmental process initiatives.

The panel will address these highlights:

  • The importance of smaller, focused initiatives & how to justify the time and costs associated with those initiatives.
  • Why they chose to apply a BPM tool over traditional programs and solutions.
  • How they balance or rank success criteria such as operational efficiency, improved client service, cost savings or increased transparency.
  • Getting company, IT and user buy-in for process improvements.

Smart Process Apps offer a robust, yet flexible solution to fill in the gaps in your existing enterprise software. Corporations such as AIG and Viacom have deployed Onit Smart Process Apps to help tame unruly, ineffective processes and have redefined the way they manage legal department operations.

The conference, one of a series offered by the Process Excellence Network and IQPC, brings together financial industry professionals and seasoned process excellence experts to discuss current challenges and introduce innovative solutions to meet those challenges. For more information or to register, click here.

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