Smart Process Apps – Simplifying Your Process

Sometimes the smartest solution is the simplest one. For example, would you rather light a fire with flint and steel or a match?

For years, large organizations have struggled with how to handle processes effectively and efficiently. In the evolution to move beyond paper-based operations, most corporations have defaulted to enterprise-wide solutions that ultimately prove to be bulky, expensive and overly structured in a manner that inhibited quick accommodation to sophisticated and changing processes.

That’s where Smart Process Apps come in. These flexible Apps can be deployed in hours and are responsive enough to ensure process compliance. They sidestep the complexities and costs of enterprise solutions while offering the user-friendly interface today’s users demand.

Here’s how one global company used Smart Process Apps to expedite their contract review process.

As one of the world’s largest business services firms for sales and marketing, ZS Associates has more than 20 offices worldwide and works with 700 companies in 70 countries across multiple industries. In 2013, the business adopted Smart Process Apps to expedite and add efficiency to its contract review process.

Contract review and approval is often one of the most arduous and time-consuming processes for a corporation.  A proper review means multiple parties – internal sales and legal professionals coupled with a client’s stakeholders – need to access, edit and comment on the contract’s content. It’s an intensively collaborative process that is often difficult to manage, track and report on. The company initially relied on spreadsheets and databases to track agreements but found the tools were only effective for short-term use and extremely time consuming.

The adoption of a Smart Process App enabled more agile client relations, easy collaboration and ultimately operational effectiveness by eliminating the manual steps of the process and automating them. As a result, reviewers could discover where contracts were, who completed the last revision, if/why a contract was blocked and what the next steps were in the process – which resulted in the ability to significantly expedite the approval process for business- and revenue-dependent contracts.

More and more companies are adopting Smart Process Apps to help with processes ranging from contract review to matter management to employee onboarding.

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