The Best Location for Education (Besides the Caribbean): Your Desktop

The Virtual Corporate Counsel Forum begins tomorrow in a location that is extremely convenient: Your office.

The ALM event offers seven webinars throughout the day, all of which are CLE-eligible. Not surprisingly, a main theme of all the presentations centers on taking control of challenges – some familiar and some new. Legal spend and managing outside counsel have been on the forefront for close to a decade, with programming focused on controlling costs and creating strong, efficient relationships and processes with outside counsel. Other topics – such as social media and cloud-based technologies – hold legal implications that are just now cresting into sight.

Missing from the line-up? A session focused on the numerous benefits of legal project management.

Given the throngs of corporate counsel and in-house personnel that are flocking towards legal project management events and the numerous articles published about it, this seems a significant oversight – especially when you consider that legal project management plays a significant role in almost every topic scheduled for Forum presentations.

Regardless, Onit will be “on-site” to support the Virtual Corporate Counsel Forum. Come visit our booth and we can fill you in on the latest updates, practices and success stories surrounding legal project management.  You can also register for a $100 Apple gift card and watch some screencasts.

We’re looking forward to seeing you “virtually” tomorrow.

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