The Contract Administration Challenge: Find a Two-Year Old Contract in 30 Seconds

How organized are you? If your client asks for a copy of a contract from two years ago, can you find it in minutes? Seconds? Or do you find yourself wasting hours by drudging through piles of files and canyons of paper?

If you’re relying on paper-, email or spreadsheet-based processes for contract administration, chances are you won’t be able to keep an accurate track of contracts.  The lack of a central repository means there is no easily accessible access to the contract library and the ability to perform robust searches.  It’s difficult to correlate specific communications – especially ones from two years ago – with the right contract. You can lose track of renewal dates or even pull up the wrong version of a contract. 

Don’t make contract administration difficult. The right tools – such as the Onit Contract Administration App – can streamline, automate and access the contract information you need in the snap of a finger. But don’t take my word for it. Check out how Amy and Ben handle contract administration.

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