Discover the Latest Workflow Automation Apps for Accounting, Finance and Procurement

Apps for accounting, finance and procurement professionals have spurred a significant digital transformation in recent years – especially those focused on workflow automation. Workflow automation Apps are making headway in these professions, streamlining tasks that were once purely manual and gathering and analyzing valuable data.

Members of our Onit Nation – Fortune 500 customers, industry partners and employees who build on Onit’s platforms – have identified process challenges in these departments. To address them, they did what comes naturally. They quickly made Apps for accounting, finance and procurement on Onit Apptitude that do everything from expense management to PO requests.

Apptitude is a workflow automation platform that allows users to easily create, modify and deploy Apps without special technical training or expertise. Any business user can access its visual, drag-and-drop interface to quickly build the Apps needed to address an organization’s biggest (and smallest) challenges. How fast does this happen? We’ve had customers complete builds within an hour.

Apps for Accounting, Finance and Procurement

As with legal, accounting and finance are professions that require precision. Errors can have significant consequences that can complicate business.

With these Apps for accounting, finance and procurement, the Onit Nation has found ways to streamline processes and improve accuracy by automating reporting, balance sheet reviews and more. They include:

  • Board Approval: An App that tracks and manages internal board of directors appointments and approval workflows
  • Balance Sheet Review: An App that runs a quarterly review of a company’s balance sheet for various businesses, allowing balance sheets to be circulated, reviewed and approved worldwide
  • Application for Expenditure: An App that handles the approval of expenditures, including tracking for costs and benefits over time
  • Fund Management: An App that oversees the asset transfer between receiving and contributing entities within a company and includes various steps that are approved through e-signature workflows
  • PO Request: An App that facilitates request and payment approval for purchase orders

The Onit App Catalog – Representing More Than 5,500 Apps

These Apps, and many others, are now collected in one place – our new App Catalog.

The App Catalog showcases the breadth of Apps built on Apptitude and represents a decade of innovation creating digital transformation one App at a time. The Apps cover a wide range of industries and practices, including accounting, finance and procurement, enterprise operations, general and administrative, human resources, IT, legal operations, marketing and IP and risk and compliance.

With the App Catalog, all of our customers can now draw from the innovation of others to find the inspiration they need to build the tools that will automate processes and solve their most pressing issues.

Peruse the App Catalog now to find even more inspiration for ways you can revolutionize your workflows and increase your efficiency. If you’d like to see these Apps in action, you can schedule a demonstration here.

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