The Misconnection of Enterprise Software

It’s an odd thought that in this world of hyper-communications (hello smart phones, texts, social media), it can still be difficult to meaningfully connect. Sentences can be misread. Calls cut off. Intentions unclear.

Consider your personal life. How often have you run into situations like this? Maybe an autocorrected message from your spouse led you to buy rum instead of milk or Rice Krispies instead of brown rice. Or a terse tweet led to an even terser DM.

Which is why I personally find this video hilarious. An ordinary guy roams the airport cell phone crashing – which is basically sitting next to people and joining their conversation as he hears one side of it. The responses vary, with the “victims” doing everything from shifting uncomfortably to flat-out denial that someone is overhearing his/her conversation.

Now imagine discordance like this but with 20, 30, 100, 500 people on different lines. It’s not a disturbance I’d want to be anywhere around, but strangely, this analogy is reflective of the selection process of enterprise software. There are often multiple decision makers, multiple departments affected, multiple integrations and multiple agendas and expectations involved.

Tony Byrne of Real Story Group hit the nail on the head in his article for Information Week titled “6 More Enduring Truths about Selecting Enterprise Software.” He runs through different aspects of adopting enterprise software that can be evaluation challenges – from determining a vendor’s financial health to the strength of their integrations to deciding if you even have a problem this technology fix.

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