The New Generation of Process Automation: Collaborative Capability Fuels Success

Business process automation has been around for decades and is now considered old news. Someone pushes a button and the automated “system of record” process starts. But nowadays more is needed than simply tracking the data. Daily interactions that occur between groups and departments require tools that clearly define, track, and report on who is responsible at each step and who is taking over. In short, built-in, collaborative processes are desperately needed.

The layer of engagement that comes with collaborative capability is sadly missing in the older systems of records. What is needed is a business activity-supporting software solution that is people intensive, highly variable, loosely structured and subject to frequent change.

These solutions are essentially systems of engagement, which incorporate not only management of tasks or processes but also the communication and collaboration preferences of its users on a whole. These systems serve customers, partners and employees equally, removing the obstacles that prevent out-of-department stakeholders from taking part in crucial processes that impact their goals and productivity. A system of engagement is focused on spur of the moment tasks and decisions, leverages social and cloud technologies and includes short, rapid, iterative release cycles.

Rather than trying to compete with existing enterprise software installations, the leading systems of engagement are embracing this logical approach that enables them to fill in the gaps of existing software infrastructure. The primary function of any solution that adds a layer of engagement onto a system of record is to make the processes happening around the data clear. To sum up: the simple accessibility of the old systems is now made obsolete by state-of-the-art solutions that allow users to collaborate simply, easily and as part of their normal work streams.

If your business doesn’t have the latest generation of collaborative process solutions, it’s time to seriously consider them. These solutions take process automation to the next level of cutting-edge software. Don’t be caught behind the eight ball on this one – get on board and you’ll not only gain a strong competitive advantage, but your teams will thank you for it.

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