Apr 6, 2011

The Next Era: Creating a Legal Front Office

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to crawl through e-mail every morning to find out what you had to do next. What if your work FOUND you? You could log-on to your computer and it would tell you EXACTLY what you needed to do each day. You wouldn’t have to sift through hundreds of emails to find a contract to redline or scroll through months and months of data to find guidance on an employee termination that boiled into a lawsuit.

What if your employees had a better way than using e-mail or the phone to request legal services within your organization? What if you had a tool that allowed you to distribute checklists and guidelines for legal work with a scope of work, objectives and expectations? What if everything was automated?

What If, What If, What If?

What if it were as simple as browsing to your legal department home page?

Now it is. Onit Premium is a legal front office tool that lets you automate legal processes, simplify how legal services are requested and manage legal projects and spend with more predictability.

Watch the Onit Premium screencasts to see how we’re defining legal process management and see how Onit Premium can create a legal front office like the one below.

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