The Onit Outlook Email Integration That Works Where Lawyers Work

Email remains one of the critical tools in-house lawyers use every day, making email integration with legal technology mandatory.

Too often, though, email programs exist outside of the systems that lawyers use to handle the rest of their day-to-day work. The disconnect forces them to navigate back and forth between different software programs like matter management or contract lifecycle management, undoing valuable efficiency gained during the day.

Simply put, while it’s essential, email can bog down productivity.

Onit Outlook Connect: The Email Integration that Enhances Efficiency

As part of Onit’s goal to work where lawyers work, we’ve recently made enhancements to Onit Outlook Connect. Our Microsoft Outlook plug-in allows you to connect your email with all of your favorite products and solutions on Onit’s business process automation and artificial intelligence platforms.

Onit’s email integration allows you to file your emails directly into other systems, such as specific matters in your enterprise legal management software or contracts in your contract lifecycle management software. You get direct access to Onit from within Microsoft Outlook without having to navigate to different windows or launch new tools.

The plug-in appears in a panel on the right-hand side of your Outlook window. It gives you a quick view into your matters and most recent or favorite records, so you can easily see a snapshot of the essential information you need. From there, you can link directly into the record you need and do your work in Onit, all without having to jump to another panel or browser or re-authenticate your credentials.

The Onit email integration is the shortcut you need to handle your email and work in the same place

Simply choose the apps or tools you want to link to Outlook, and you’ll start seeing synopses of your work alongside your email every time you access it going forward. Get in, get out and focus on the work that matters most. Not only do you get to work where you’re already working, but you can keep everything organized in one place. Email linking and better organization mean better efficiency. Your email no longer has to be a hindrance to productivity.

At Onit, we’re always looking to create solutions that help lawyers do their best, most efficient work. Our ELM, CLM and other solutions are constantly innovated to provide process efficiency and work where our customers work.

Email is no different.

Reach out to your account manager today to learn more about how Onit Outlook Connect can change the way you use email in your day-to-day work. You can also schedule a demonstration or email [email protected].

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