What Sets Onit Apart from the Competition?

Onit’s had a busy year so far! We were recently nominated as the 2016 Best Matter Management Vendor and now a fantastic write up on the TechnoLawyer Blog. We work hard to consistently innovate our solutions and tailor them to the needs of busy law departments.

No other ELM vendor approaches legal department operations with “process” as its foundation. The TechnoLawyer Blog outlines the key features that set Onit apart from the competition:

“There’s a saying that every spreadsheet would be better expressed as a software program. Onit co-founder and CEO Eric Elfman found that lawyers in legal departments used a combination of spreadsheets and email to track processes ranging from board minutes to contract review and approval to legal matter assignments and much more.

This explains why Onit goes beyond traditional matter and spend tracking. Onit itself offers what Elfman calls a “process platform” that you can use as your primary system or as a means to augment your core software, including for the tasks noted above. Additionally, your department can create its own custom Onit Apps to fulfill specific needs.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Onit’s solutions can help your legal department:

  • Drive process improvements in all areas of legal operations
  • Enhance responsiveness to your clients and transparency within your legal operations
  • Store all matter information in one secure location
  • Simplify and eliminate unnecessary time-consuming tasks

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