AUSTIN – October 23, 2018 – Onit, Inc. a leading provider of enterprise legal management, contract management and business process automation solutions, today announced a “starter package” for companies looking to solve workflow and process problems across the enterprise (i.e. legal, sales, compliance and finance departments). Apptitude, Onit’s business process automation platform, is unique in the market. It is the only end-to-end platform upon which more than 200+ operations workflows have been built. Onit’s solutions have helped transform some of the largest global companies with streamlined internal processes, greater visibility into transactions and improved operational efficiency. A “departmental license” (i.e. one focused on legal and compliance) and enterprise license (unlimited across the full organization) are now generally available. Starting today, customers new to the Onit platform can purchase a “Ten Pack” of workflow solutions to use in the first year at a fixed low cost. This special packaging is only available until December 31, 2018.

“Onit’s unique platform encourages corporate legal departments to holistically solve their legal department’s needs,” commented Eric M. Elfman, Onit’s CEO and founder. “Our solutions can be developed and deployed by our team, a consulting or technology partner or a customer. Some customers purchase an Onit Apptitude platform license allowing them to build and configure as many solutions as needed. Because customers can add additional workflows as needed, Onit’s platform grows alongside your legal and business teams.”

Onit’s Appttitude platform empowers legal operation teams to run legal like a business so they can drive efficiency, contain costs and help manage the myriad of tasks including vendor management, systems implementation, strategic planning, technology assessments and knowledge management initiatives. The platform provides a foundation for all solutions across the business and supports an unlimited number of solutions – from department-specific (i.e. legal spend management, legal holds, legal service requests, NDAs, matter management, etc.) to shared solutions common across all industries (i.e. contract management, ticketing, NDA, etc.). The platform also scales to support thousands of users and millions of documents. Additionally, a new version of the release is announced every month allowing users to benefit from the latest technology innovations and best practices.

“Onit’s Apptitude platform is uniquely different because it is not a ‘point’ solution that solves part of the problem for legal department operation professionals such as storing and capturing documents, tracking matters, managing legal bills, docketing IP, etc.,” commented, Matt DenOuden, VP of Global Sales, Onit. “Onit has products in all these areas, offering matter management, e-billing, contract and document management and legal holds solutions. What separates Onit are the 200 plus other legal and compliance use cases it has helped clients solve. We listen to the voice of the customer who has long been saying, ‘it is not just capturing my matters that I need to serve my internal stakeholders; I need to capture risk on incidents that have not yet become matters; I need a way for my colleagues outside the law department to reach out to the law department for help and guidance; I need a way to capture and timely respond to customer complaints; I need a way to manage the approval process of new outside law firms; I need to capture all the work of the law department, not just matters assigned to outside counsel. And most of all, I would like to get this all out of email and spreadsheets, so I can show the fact that we do have rigor around these processes, and so I can report on all of it.’”

In the last five years, Onit has not only grown to become one of the leading enterprise legal management providers but has also helped its customers solve hundreds of other collateral use cases, some of which include: law firm onboarding, travel approval, whistleblower, SOX compliance, budgeting, FINRA customer complaints, security incident management, etc.

Apptitude is easily configurable, scalable, agile and offers low-code configuration to enable fast development. Among its many capabilities, Apptitude features state-of-the-art collaboration, integrations, security, process, collaboration and workflow. To learn more, visit

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Onit is a leading provider of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions for the 21st century. Brought to you by the same team that created Spend Management a generation ago, Onit is transforming the way legal departments drive operational and process improvements. By focusing on process, Onit’s solutions help customers drive tremendous gains in efficiency, accelerate transaction velocity and reduce costs. For more information, visit or contact 1-800-281-1330.

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