NEW YORK, January 29, 2019 – Onit, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise workflow solutions including enterprise legal management, contract management and operational business process automation, today announced a customer conversion program that allows customers to easily and predictably transfer to the Onit legal e-billing and matter management platform. Tailored towards Fortune 500 legal teams using legacy enterprise legal management products, solutions or software, the program gives customers an alternative to their existing tool that is either being sunsetted or not supported in future versions of other vendor product roadmaps. Law departments nearing the end of their enterprise legal management contracts are also eligible to participate. Conversion program deliverables include a well-defined project scope, discounted pricing, a sample project plan (complete with a timeline estimate) and fixed budgetary estimates of both implementation and license fees.

“In the past three years, we’ve seen our Onit enterprise legal management customer base grow exponentially and it’s been an exciting transformation,” commented Eric M. Elfman, CEO and founder. “Our customers continue to tell us that our platform is the most flexible on the market and Onit’s explosive growth supports this claim. This conversion program is an opportunity for customers to switch to an innovative platform that has robust functionality and best practices from some of the leading global companies. Knowledge workers no longer want to work in big clunky databases that add little to no value to their daily operations. They prefer to work in a more social, collaborative environment with a simple user interface. That’s where Onit is unique.”

This is further evident in the 2018 HBR Law Department Survey that highlights cost control and cost management as one of the law departments’ greatest challenges. Additionally, 80% of the 2018 respondents said they have matter management and e-billing systems in place, an all-time high for the HBR Survey, confirming that these tools have become foundational for managing workload and outside counsel spend. However, these most “commonly” used systems were also cited as the most likely to experience market movement within the next year. In the survey, more than 25% of respondents reported they are moving to or planning to explore new matter management, and e-billing systems this year.

Market data and the Onit team’s more than 20 years of legal operations experience also suggest that today’s legal operations professionals want a programmatic, safe and effective way to move from an older enterprise legal management system to a newer, more robust and modern solution. “The Onit conversion program is backed by its market-leading platform, but it is really more about giving prospective customers a clear pricing offer, a thoughtful timeline estimate and even financing for larger engagements,” said Matt DenOuden, VP of Global Sales.   “This program was a strategic decision on multiple levels, as Onit desires to continue providing customers only the finest in service. Our deeply experienced services and sales teams will guide legal teams through a needs assessment to identify a conversion project plan and will offer pricing that is actionable,” commented DenOuden. All that is needed to participate in the program is a two or three-hour commitment to answer some core questions about needs and scope.

For more details about the conversion program and to start a needs assessment, email [email protected].

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