WHAT: Legalweek Emerging Technology Panel Discussion: Building Stronger Connections to the Enterprise
WHEN: March 10, 1:30 – 2:30 pm ET
WHERE: Legalweek New York, New York Hilton Midtown

About the Session

Legal departments don’t operate in a silo, and the technology you use shouldn’t either. Most legal tech systems – whether ELM, CLM, AI or others – manage processes that involve business units outside of legal. It should be simple to include those stakeholders in critical workflows without complex integrations and to incorporate advanced technology like AI to enhance the way legal serves the business. When that openness and innovation happens, legal is more connected to the enterprise, risk is better managed, and costs are better understood. Hear from legal operations leaders about their vision for this connection and how they are implementing it in their organizations.

How to Attend

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Press Contact

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Onit, Inc.
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