WHAT: Webinar: Transforming Legal Service Delivery and Enabling Self-Service at Pearson
WHEN: June 18, 2020 10:00 a.m. CDT
WHERE: Virtual Webinar
  • Robert Mignanelli, SVP, Associate General Counsel, Global Product/Technology, Pearson plc
  • Joy Saphla, President, Morae Legal, Morae Global Corporation
  • Matt DenOuden, VP, Global Sales, Onit

About the Session

Challenged to serve its business clients faster and more efficiently – while reducing costs – the Pearson legal department went on a transformative journey to move from a highly bespoke legal services model into a more standardized and streamlined way of delivering support to the business. Now, Pearson takes a process-driven and technology-enabled approach to everything from contracts to business advice. The results have been the same quality of work at significantly lower cost and higher velocity.

This webinar will showcase why and how the Pearson legal department redefined itself and how it now supports and executes contract work. It will address:

  • The critical role of executive sponsorship and change management
  • Performance management dashboards and SLAs
  • Hybrid resourcing and service delivery operating model
  • How Onit’s technology platform supports end-to-end process automation and web-based self-service portals
  • The resulting benefits which include cost savings, efficiency, reduced risk, use of data for better decision-making and improved business customer support

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Press Contact

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