HOUSTON, January 9, 2018 – Onit, a leading provider of enterprise legal management and business process automation solutions, is pleased to announce it has received special recognition of its Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions in the 2017 MarketView™ Report on Enterprise Legal Management by Hyperion Research, a leading analyst-based market research firm covering the ELM market. Onit was recognized as a Market Leader in the categories of process automation and enterprise apps and Highly Innovative for its system architecture.

According to the report, “Onit’s vision closely aligns with market demand for a more fulfilling and dynamic user experience. Onit is positioned as a disruptive alternative to the traditional ELM ecosystem…the company’s rapid growth and market acceleration speaks strongly to the enthusiastic reception of its innovative ELM paradigm across the legal ops spectrum.”

“We couldn’t be happier about being recognized again by Hyperion Research,” commented Eric M. Elfman, founder and CEO of Onit. “We’ve been working diligently for our customers and Hyperion’s MarketViewTM report is excellent validation that we’ve gone above and beyond in meeting that objective.”

The report continues by stating, “Onit carries a strong ELM pedigree, including the founders of a well-known ELM vendor. Rooted in the principals of business process management (BPM), Onit uses a workflow-based approach to drive corporate legal operations. The system allows users to create and incorporate the discrete capabilities and components of a broader enterprise system ‘as they need them.’”

In its detailed evaluation of Onit, Hyperion underscored some key advantages of the company, “In a direct challenge to the prevailing matter management model, which Onit believes encumbers companies with outsize investments in large applications with features they may not want and won’t use, Onit presents a familiar app-based approach to legal operations management by breaking up ELM into individual task-based solutions and processes.” Further endorsing Onit’s leadership in this market, Hyperion also stated, “Onit’s matter and spend management apps themselves offer the strong functionality one would expect from a leading system.”

In their assessment of Onit Enterprise, Hyperion gave special recognition to the following capabilities:

PROCESS AUTOMATION: Workflow-centric approach that seeks to deconstruct matter management into independent, collaborative functional lifecycles that lawyers and operations managers use on a regular basis; a la carte model empowers users to add capabilities and components as needed.

ENTERPRISE APPS: Capitalizing on the broad applicability of workflow-based task management, Onit is not afraid of expanding into functional areas outside of legal and aggressively solicits customer needs to write custom applications for other corporate-wide departments.

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE: Modern architecture showcases class-leading technology and a decidedly SaaS-based approach to legal business application management. Flexible and agile, Onit is designed for rapid deployment, flexibility and agility.

The Hyperion MarketViewTM Report is oriented towards the solution needs of corporate legal departments of all sizes that are seeking integrated solutions that include modern capabilities in spend management, collaboration, workflow and advanced analytics. The report focuses on solutions capable of global law department support and integrated solutions that address the needs of ELM, and includes trends in the solution market and a review and assessment of advanced solution providers. For additional information about this report, please visit the Hyperion Research website at elm.hgp-marketview.com, or contact them via email at [email protected].

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Onit is the leading provider of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions for the 21st century. Brought to you by the same team that created Spend Management a generation ago, Onit is transforming the way legal departments drive operational and process improvements. By focusing on process, Onit’s solutions help customers drive tremendous gains in efficiency, accelerate transaction velocity and reduce costs. For more information, visit www.onit.com or contact 1-800-281-1330.

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