HOUSTON – November 13, 2019 – Onit, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise workflow solutions, including enterprise legal management, contract lifecycle management and business process automation, today announced it has partnered with PERSUIT, a process automation platform for engaging outside legal counsel, following the launch of Onit’s Strategic Alliances Program. Designed to provide a robust ecosystem of partners to meet clients’ evolving needs, the Onit Strategic Alliance Program supports external alliances that promote growth and success with principles grounded in strategy, transparency, accountability and rigor. The Strategic Alliance Program provides end-to-end support for Onit’s partners through the entire cycle of onboarding, enabling, selling, delivering and managing.

“This joining of like-minded forces – Onit and PERSUIT – is highly energizing and exciting on so many levels,” commented Eric M. Elfman, Onit’s CEO and founder. “PERSUIT is our newest partner and that makes them a vital component of our Strategic Alliances Program. Onit’s customer base has grown exponentially in just the past year, and with that growth comes a diversity of client needs. I’m confident that the capabilities that PERSUIT brings to law firm selection will be welcomed by our client base and will provide an integrated, end-to-end solution for outside counsel selection and matter management.”

PERSUIT is an RFP and bidding platform that has the ability to integrate with an organization’s e-billing and matter management solutions, to drive efficiency and savings through “true market pricing,” while providing key data insights for decision-making. PERSUIT’s clients have realized 20-40% savings on outside counsel spend when using their technology. PERSUIT complements e-billing and matter management systems, which focus on monitoring spend during and at the end of a matter. PERSUIT’s design and technology significantly streamlines the process of seeking and reviewing proposals for legal services. The process of making increased competition easier also reduces the cost of services purchased.

“Through our sharing of expertise, Onit and PERSUIT are not only enhancing each other’s business and driving transformational efforts to a significant degree, but also expanding our markets,” said Jim Delkousis, CEO and founder, PERSUIT. “We know the power of a strong strategic partnership in creating success. Process and operational improvements require the meeting of great minds, and that’s what our partnership exemplifies.”


PERSUIT™ is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) company specializing in legal services sourcing technology. Founded in early 2016 by Jim Delkousis (a former BigLaw partner), PERSUIT was designed to be easy enough for in-house attorneys and law firms to use with little to no training. The tool is self-service enabled and is an out-of-the box, cloud-based software application, providing corporate law department attorneys the ability to launch Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information (RFIs), Hourly Rate Information Requests, Panel Counsel Inquiries, and Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs). Each request type can be set up to drive price competition amongst participating law firms via a real time bidding event such that true market price is achieved. PERSUIT is reinventing the way companies engage with outside counsel with a mission to Kill the Bill(able) hour in favor of outcome and value-based fixed and certain pricing models. For more information, visit www.persuit.com or call 1-661-333-5738.

About the Onit Strategic Alliances Program

Onit’s Strategic Alliances program is comprised of an experienced and trusted team that offers tangible results through a robust ecosystem of partners to meet our clients’ needs. Whether using custom Onit solutions, matter management, e-billing, contract lifecycle management, or any of Onit’s other product offerings, the strategic alliances team has established relationships with industry-leading providers to help Onit’s clients realize the greatest value from their Onit implementation. For more information about the types of organizations that Onit partners with, visit https://www.onit.com/about/strategic-alliances/.

About Onit     

Onit is a global leader of enterprise workflow solutions for legal, compliance, sales, IT, HR and finance departments. Our solutions transform best practices into smarter workflows, better processes and operational efficiencies. With a focus on enterprise legal management, matter management, spend management, contract management and legal holds, we operate globally and help transform the way Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar legal departments bridge the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement. We help customers find gains in efficiency, reduce costs and automate transactions faster. For more information, visit www.onit.com or call 1-800-281-1330.

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