Modernized event management decreases risk for legal departments where the stakes are higher for missed deadlines

HOUSTONMarch 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SimpleLegal (an Onit company), the industry leader in easy-to-learn and implement e-Billing and matter management software, announces the launch of its purpose-built event management feature within its matter management solution.

Compared to available market options, SimpleLegal separates task and event management, functionality traditionally tied together in matter management applications. The separation draws attention to the importance of events, such as court dates, filing deadlines, and depositions, and the negative consequences when events are mismanaged.

“We all work in tools like Outlook and Google where creating a meeting, inviting the right people, and adding relevant details is simple,” says Shri Iyer, SimpleLegal’s SVP of Product Management and Design. “We set out to replicate this ease of use, designed specifically for legal departments, after our customers vocalized that deadlines are too important to be viewed as mere tasks that are checked off a list.”

When it comes to missed deadlines, the stakes are higher for legal departments. Failing to file court documents on time or overlooking statutory limits, for example, can pose significant risk to a business, potentially resulting in lawsuits, attorney sanctions, and case dismissal. The robust calendaring provided by SimpleLegal’s event management gives legal departments the centralized, matter-specific view of upcoming events that has been missing in the market. Better visibility and accountability make collaboration effortless and keep key stakeholders informed.

SimpleLegal’s event management further integrates with CalendarRules, the most comprehensive and reliable court rules platform offering over 1,800 rule sets nationwide. As the first matter management solution to offer this integration, legal departments can confidently prepare for and manage upcoming events and deadlines thanks to automated, real-time data from CalendarRules to SimpleLegal.

“After extensive research and conversations with legal ops professionals, we knew separating tasks and events was the right call. It didn’t make sense to treat a deadline-driven event the same way as a task,” shares Iyer. “To successfully and continually build value for our users, we can’t lose sight of how legal teams operate and must adapt our product accordingly.”

SimpleLegal streamlines legal operations by packaging event and task management into a single matter management solution. This unified approach enhances visibility into team capacity, supports strategic decision-making, and simplifies matter intake and management, increasing workflow efficiency and productivity.

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