Onit and DaVita Host a Webinar: The Power of a Platform

Posted on Sep 9, 2020

WHAT: Webinar: The Power of a Platform, featuring DaVita
WHEN: September 17, 2020 11:30 am CDT
WHERE: Virtual Webinar

About the Session

No two legal departments have the exact same needs, and regulatory and legal requirements vary by industry and jurisdiction. This is why standard enterprise legal management solutions often fall short. The power of enterprise legal management that sits on a business process automation platform like Onit’s Apptitude is that workflows can be configured to specific needs and data and reports can be consolidated in one place to make reporting easier and more meaningful. Join this webinar to learn how DaVita is planning to leverage the power of Apptitude to take legal operations to the next level.

We will also highlight some of the other solutions that Onit’s Apptitude platform has solved for other enterprise-wide process challenges. With more than 5,500 Apps and 130 solutions built using Onit’s platform, legal operations managers can implement a platform that is configurable, scalable and can support hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

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