NetDocuments Is the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform where legal professionals do their best work. NetDocuments is a cloud-first, cloud-only content management platform where legal professionals can secure, organize, automate and collaborate on everything that matters to them.


  • Supercharge Productivity – Organize and store files in a single secure location so you never lose important documents or emails again.
  • Stay Secure & Compliant – Make the right choice and the easy choice for your teams with built-in certifications and pass-through compliance.
  • Deliver Big Value – Remove tedious, administrative tasks so your team can focus on strategic initiatives like building stronger business relationships.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly – Get your documents in front of the right people — internal or external — without increasing risk.
  • Create Big Wins – Analyze and improve user behaviors and platform performance with key user, workspace, and platform insights.

Awarded the Best Use of Artificial Intelligence by Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law, NetDocuments is the Industry leader in AI and automation solutions.

ndMAX Is a groundbreaking suite of AI-powered products thoughtfully embedded throughout the NetDocuments platform and purpose-built for the legal community. From time saved on simple tasks like document drafting to driving complete legal workflows, maximize your practice’s productivity for speed, impact, and accuracy — all within the security and user guardrails to leverage AI responsibly.

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NetDocuments, the #1 trusted cloud-based content management and productivity platform that helps legal professionals do their best work. Backed by over 20 years of experience in cloud innovation, NetDocuments offers a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organization and management, including award-winning security and compliance capabilities; robust automation, collaboration, and search technologies; seamless integrations with other tools professionals use daily; and much more. NetDocuments supports over 7,000+ law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector entities globally.


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