A workflow and business process automation platform that simplifies the creation and deployment of limitless solutions.

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Work the Way You Think

Onit’s business process automation platform Apptitude, empowers organizations of all sizes to easily create, modify, and deploy workflow solutions that solve real business problems. Apptitude allows organizations to turn ad hoc, chaotic, inefficient, everyday manual intensive work into manageable defined processes.


The no-code platform is highly configurable and scalable and supports an unlimited number of solutions – from department-specific, such as contract lifecycle management, legal spend management, legal holds and legal service requests, to shared solutions across departments including compliance, finance, human resources, risk management, IT, marketing, operations and procurement.


A highly relational and collaborative platform allows even the most complex workflows to be automated and supports hundreds of thousands of users, millions of files and transactions and connects teams globally.


Apptitude fundamentally changes how business is conducted across the enterprise. Business teams and departments have real-time visibility into every process with intuitive dashboards and reports.

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One Platform. Limitless Workflows.
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Global companies trust Onit with their workflow solutions
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“We had many of our processes well-established at British Telecom (BT) and this platform allows us to tie them altogether effectively. Onit Apptitude gave us the extendibility and flexibility we needed for future expansion as our needs change and we continue to innovate.”
British Telecom
Powerful Process Automation at Your Fingertips
Simplify your legal and business operations and automate daily processes with advanced platform capabilities.
No Code Configuration
Prebuilt actions include base code that requires no code to configure into workflows and solutions.
Visual Drag & Drop Workflow Builder
The workflow process can be altered, reviewed and approved by all the participants and new approvers can be quickly added without slowing down the process. An intuitive visual interface for building and managing workflows and business logic.
Event-Driven Actions
Customize event-driven actions to automate workflow processes.
Highly Relational
Supports sophisticated workflows, complex solutions, and rich data models.
Unlimited User Licensing
Quick setup and deployment means little or no IT involvement so you can be up and running quickly. Allows an unlimited number of users across numerous departments and verticals to access and collaborate within Onit.
Limitless Growth
As your company grows, Apptitude scales to support thousands of processes and millions of documents.
Powerful ROI
Apptitude solutions are a fraction of the cost of standard business process automation software and enterprise systems.
Enhance Visibility
Access the Apptitude platform and real-time information on all major web browsers and devices anytime, anywhere.
Maximize Performance
Achieve maximum performance, reliability, and scalability with Amazon AWS.
The Unlimited Potential of the Platform

The Apptitude platform provides the foundation for solutions across your business. Apptitude has transformed some of the largest global companies to become more agile, efficient, and effective. With a new Apptitude version release every month, your solutions benefit from the latest technology innovations and best practices and stay up to date with industry trends and compliance regulations. Apptitude was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive, scalable, and agile platform that has unlimited potential.

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Work the Way You Think
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