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Inspiration, Ideation and Innovation – Apps from the Onit Nation

Over the past decade, our customers, certified App builders and trusted partners – the Onit Nation – have created digital transformation one App at a time. This catalog represents a collection of workflow, process and automation Apps that span the enterprise, resulting in operational efficiencies, reduced risk and greater insight.

Their innovation serves for your inspiration, an idea of all that can be accomplished with Onit platforms and products as you continue your corporate legal department’s digital transformation journey.

Apps for All Departments

Onit was founded on the belief that process is everything. We still believe that today and more than ten years later we have built and deployed more than 5,500 Apps across all departments spanning from legal to IT, human resources, finance, sales, and everything in between. Our powerful combination of people, artificial intelligence and a no-code platform is just the beginning of the App revolution.

Two Platforms. Limitless Possibilities.

Onit is the only two-platform company that combines the power of process and workflow automation with artificial intelligence. Apptitude, Onit’s workflow automation platform, empowers companies of all sizes to easily create, modify and deploy Apps in a no-code environment. When coupled with Precedent, Onit’s AI platform, legal and business departments automate processes faster while making them more efficient and cost-effective. In fact, Precedent is 100x faster than other AI systems and enables a 40% increase in productivity.

Automate your workflows using a no-code platform
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5,500 +
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“We had many of our processes well-established at British Telecom (BT) and this platform allows us to tie them altogether effectively. Onit Apptitude gave us the extendibility and flexibility we needed for future expansion as our needs change and we continue to innovate.”
British Telecom