NDA Automation

Automate NDA is software that automates the end-end non-disclosure agreement process.

The NDA Challenge

Non-disclosure agreements tie up legal resources, slow the business down, and create frustration both for legal teams and for your wider business.

The high volume, low value nature of NDAs makes them hard to prioritize, yet they can contain significant risks. With the average cost to draft, review, negotiate and file an NDA sitting at $285, they can quickly derail budgets and suck resources away from critical legal projects.

The Solution: NDA Automation

Automate NDA is an easy to implement, best practice solution that helps you manage and automate the end-to-end non-disclosure agreement process.

Combining the best parts of Onit’s workflow and AI platforms, Automate NDA removes manual effort from drafting, reviewing, negotiating, executing, and managing NDAs, saving you time and money all while reducing risk and stress.

Automate NDA uses artificial intelligence to gain visibility into the entire NDA process.
Reduce end to end NDA processing time
Time savings from reviewing NDAs
Faster NDA agreement execution
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"In the first month of using an Automate NDA, more than 1,000 NDAs were processed, cycle time went down from 16 days to less than 24 hours for 90% of NDAs with virtually “no” lawyer involvement."
Fortune 500 Company
Manage NDAs in One Central Location

Automate NDA creates a single process for requesting NDAs and shows all pending and signed NDAs in a simple dashboard.

  • Self-service: Automate NDA enables business users with a powerful self-service portal that lets them draft, review, sign, and store NDAs.
  • Drafting: Draft your standard NDAs using simple forms that automatically route where they need to go, including electronic signature.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Use AI to quickly review third party NDAs, mark them up and escalate where necessary.
  • Legal Intake: Use the self-service portal to capture, manage and report on legal requests coming into the team.
  • Dashboards: Quickly see a snapshot view of the status of all NDA requests and ongoing obligations with detailed dashboards and reporting.
  • Record Management: Track, manage, collaborate on, and store your NDAs and contracts. Find what you need and when you need it with record management.
Save Time
Reduce end to end NDA processing time by 70% and time spent in-contracts by over 52%, freeing legal up to be more proactive.
Rapid Deployment
Be up and running in days with a minimal financial investment.
Faster Execution
Get your NDA approved faster and have more visibility into the NDA process.
Increase Efficiency
Manage NDAs throughout their entire lifecycle, including renewal dates, termination notice periods and non-standard terms.
The Power of the Platform

Automate NDA is built on Onit’s Apptitude platform, an innovative process and collaboration engine that empowers users to solve real business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure. In the last ten years later, we have built and deployed more than 5,500 workflow solutions across all departments spanning from legal to human resources, finance, sales, IP and everything in between.


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