Enterprise Legal Management

Software that analyzes legal spend, minimizes company risk & drives process efficiency.

Legal Operations Simplified

Onit’s Enterprise Legal Management solution is a “system of engagement” that helps law departments provide better service to their businesses while improving operational efficiency. Matter management and e-billing are only a fraction of a legal department’s responsibilities and Onit’s enterprise legal management software can help manage the whole of your legal department’s operations.


Onit’s enterprise legal management software is comprehensive, letting you solve for any of your legal department’s needs including contract lifecycle management, NDA creation and distribution, legal holds, legal service requests, and nearly 200+ other bespoke workflow solutions.

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Manage legal spend with process, workflow and collaboration.
Savings on outside counsel spend
Global companies trust Onit with their workflow solutions
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“Onit’s Enterprise Legal Management solution facilitates engagement, is focused on process, offers an environment where the user experience is crucial and empowers a better way to work. It can also be augmented to manage other legal processes. It was differently organized than other legal e-billing and matter management systems we had seen, and we really liked it because all of the information was at our fingertips. And in today’s highly connected world, where information is spread across devices and in the cloud, that is more important than ever.”
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Control & Manage Your Legal Operations
Onit helps lawyers streamline their workload and drive process improvement.
Flexible Workflow
Workflow can be configured to match your business requirements and are simple to change, alter or adjust.
Timekeeper Management
Keep track of authorized timekeepers and rates in one location.
Billing Guidelines
Configure and enforce billing guidelines to analyze invoices.
Reporting & Analytics
Dashboard views make it easy to analyze invoices, evaluate performance and see trends in your matter portfolio.
Advanced Security
Industry standard security and bank-grade encryption ensures your data remains confidential.
Outlook Integration
Synchronize matter information between Outlook and the associated Onit matter.
Maximize Savings
Easily manage, track and analyze legal spend to minimize company risk and exposure.
Increase Efficiency
Drive process improvements in all areas of legal operations.
Enhance Collaboration
Improve collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.
Simplify Work
Streamline the way lawyers and their legal staff work and get work into the department.
The Power of the Platform

Onit’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution is the most innovative and comprehensive in the legal market because “process” is fundamental to our approach. Our solution extends beyond the traditional definition as simply matter and legal spend management. Like forward-thinking corporate legal departments, we understand the inherent value of being involved in all legal business processes, such as contract lifecycle management, document creation and distribution, corporate filings, and IP prosecution.


Built on Onit’s flexible and robust Apptitude platform, Onit’s enterprise legal management solution can automate and optimize legal and business processes and improve the overall performance of the business. The platform is highly configurable and can be tightly integrated to build comprehensive legal operations solutions such as contract lifecycle management, legal holds and legal service requests. Apptitude is a no-code platform that lets legal teams solve business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure.

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Manage All Your Legal Operations
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