Introducing Onit’s
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for CLM

Contract lifecycle management software with all the rewards…
and none of the risk.

Without CLM technology, it takes an average of 30.9 days for a contract to be approved. Chances are that you and your business stakeholders would like to see that time shortened significantly. With Onit contract lifecycle management (CLM), you can make that happen.

Onit now offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for its CLM technology.

That’s right – we’re offering you a bona fide trial period at our own risk, backed by a commitment to return your money if you’re not happy after 60 days.

The efficiency of the contracting process is directly tied to money – the faster you can complete your contracts, the faster you gain revenue.

Listen to this podcast by Matt DenOuden, Onit’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales to learn more about this CLM 60-Day money back guarantee promotion.

We’re serious about your CLM ROI. Contact us today to reduce the time, risk and costs of contract management.

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“In Onit, we manage contracts through the entire lifecycle and also track requests when someone needs legal help that doesn’t constitute a transaction. Especially because we work remotely and all around the world, it’s important that we’re saving requests, answers/resulting work and contracts in ways people have access to them, and with Onit we can more easily manage that access.”
"We have about 15 key contract categories. Each category has a leader who provides oversight to the team that's drafting and negotiating contracts in that category. With Onit's CLM technology and automation, our category leaders can work within the system to drive better quality, consistency and team development. It was a fantastic customization where we're able to bring a quality control approach within the workflow."