Software that enhances the invoice review process, reduces errors,
and improves bottom line results.

The Challenge

Invoice validation is a time consuming and often manual process for any company. For legal departments, the challenge of managing, reviewing, and approving invoices from outside counsel can be overwhelming. The seemingly endless volume of both paper and digital invoices means that your legal talent spends more time on tasks relating to billing and less time on identifying and mitigating risks to your company. Multiple systems designed to cut through the confusion often lead to more chaos.

The Solution

Onit’s InvoiceAI combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with existing enterprise legal management rules to more accurately and efficiently process invoices. Onit’s AI modules focus on looking “between the rules” for further insights and savings. A cloud-based artificial intelligence software, InvoiceAI can review historical data to find potential missed savings, provide real-time invoice error detection, and analyze how current vendors and bill reviews are performing.

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

How does AI impact invoice review? InvoiceAI delivers savings above and beyond the normal billing rules in your enterprise legal management system. In fact, InvoiceAI has identified savings up to 20% for some Onit customers. It accomplishes this by detecting errors and ensuring that spend aligns with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG). InvoiceAI is always learning, improving, and working tirelessly to save you and your legal department costly time and unnecessary expenses.

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InvoiceAI identifies an extra 11-20% in potential savings in addition to ELM & bill review savings.
InvoiceAI finds both improper biling practices and billing compliance issues previously missed.
Early Engagements
Early engagements with InvoiceAI show an excess of $1 million in savings in improper staff classification.
Powerful AI for Invoice Review
  • Historical Analysis: Review past invoices through an AI lens to see where errors, along with unnecessary payments may have gone undetected.
  • ELM Integration: Combine the power of artificial intelligence with Onit’s enterprise legal management billing rules to more accurately and efficiently bring invoice issues to your attention.
  • Continuous Learning: Improve the accuracy of invoice review with software that continuously learns based on user actions with the data.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Gain insight into invoice spend trends and plan for corrective action with vendor performance scorecards and month-over-month dashboards.
  • Advanced Bill Review Service: Pair with a third-party bill review service to maximize vendor adherence to your guidelines.
  • Reduce Bill Review Time: Drastically reduce the amount of time your lawyers spend reviewing invoices. InvoiceAI provides rules and guidance that lead to better reccomendations, efficiency and less manual bill review.
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"Now, our invoice review team doesn’t have to feel like the bad guy. The machine catches these issues (and does it better) so that we can focus on the relationships and let the system drive the needed action."
Fortune 500 Company
The Power of the Platform

InvoiceAI is built on Onit’s Apptitude platform, an innovative process and collaboration engine that empowers users to solve real business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure. In the last ten years later, we have built and deployed more than 5,500 workflow solutions across all departments spanning from legal to human resources, finance, sales, IP and everything in between.


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