Legal Service Requests

Software that provides businesses with an intelligent, self-service portal to initiate a request for the legal department.

Simplify Your Legal Service Request Process

Business partner requests for legal services are often tossed into the legal department sporadically by email, text, or informal conversations from various departments. Onit’s legal service request software simplifies this intake process and provides a simple portal that allows business partners to interact and engage with the legal department. In doing so, the legal department obtains a more holistic view of the legal portfolio and the ability to better serve their clients.


The legal department also gets a comprehensive view of all legal service requests and can report on request types (i.e. by department, region, phase, due date, etc.). Client requests can be directed to the appropriate legal practitioner, even if the requester is not aware of the most appropriate recipient of the request. Clients can also self-serve to keep track of the status and resolution of legal service requests.

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Improve performance while saving time by standardizing your legal service request process.
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“One of our most technologically resistant attorneys said that Onit was the single best thing we’ve ever delivered. Onit was so intuitive and easy to use that he was able to teach himself. That’s what I look for in any application that we want legal teams to use. It’s got to be user friendly.”
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An Easier Way to Engage with Legal
Onit’s legal service request solution provides a portal for the request intake, tracking, document collection, and assignments.
Central Intake
A central intake process for all legal service requests simplifies the process and provides a complete audit trail.
User-friendly Interface
The software is intuitive, easy to learn, and even easier to use with virtually no training to get started.
Variable Workflow
The workflow process can be altered, reviewed and approved by all the participants and new approvers can be quickly added without slowing down the process.
Automated Notifications
Automatically generated notifications keep business partners updated on the status of their request.
Reporting & Dashboards
Reporting and dashboard views enable the legal department to track legal service requests by region, department, business unit or any other criteria.
Rapid Deployment
Quick setup and deployment means little or no IT involvement so you can be up and running quickly.
Improve Efficiency
Drastically reduce the cycle time spent on manual, administrative tasks.
Increase Productivity
Gets work “out” of email and allows the legal department to focus on high-value legal tasks.
Enhance Visibility
Access Onit software on all major web browsers and devices anytime, anywhere.
Maximize Performance
Achieve maximum performance, reliability, and scalability with Amazon AWS.
The Power of the Platform

Onit Legal Service Request is built on Onit’s flexible and robust Apptitude platform, an innovative workflow process automation engine that makes it easy to create, modify, and deploy new solutions with powerful workflows, transaction management, and reporting capabilities. Apptitude empowers you to solve real business problems fast, without the need for costly IT infrastructure.

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