The Next Generation of Onit is AI

McCarthyFinch, a leader in artificial intelligence software, joins the Onit family.

Onit is Building Its Future on AI

The acquisition of legal artificial intelligence company McCarthyFinch supports our passion for building AI into our expansive product offering – from contract lifecycle management to enterprise legal management, e-billing, matter management and our workflow automation platform. Watch to learn more.

A Legal Platform that Reads, Writes and Reasons Like a Lawyer

Onit Precedent is an artificial intelligence platform that automates and improves legal and business processes for corporate legal departments, law firms and contract and procurement teams. With a single mission of helping business professionals get more work done faster, the AI platform automates existing mundane, manual and costly legal processes and empowers continuously learning and workflow.

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AI-assisted Contract Review & Drafting

The first release on Onit’s intelligence platform will focus on contract review. The law department—now more than ever—needs a rapid path to contract closure and signature so they can accelerate the pace of doing business, increase contract compliance and enhance employee productivity.


An AI-driven contract lifecycle solution creates value and revolutionizes the contracting process. Using the AI engine, lawyers can streamline intelligent activities like contract creation, redlining documents and even complex negotiations. The intelligence platform leverages the company’s playbook and presents the results in a Microsoft Word plug-in so the legal team can work where it is accustomed to working.


Legal and contract teams can save up to 80% on review time, drive contract compliance and lower company risk.

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AI That Powers Pre & Post-Signature Contract Phases

Artificial intelligence in the pre-signature contract phase provides a first-pass review of the contract and annotates it based on your company’s checklist and playbook. By allowing a lawyer to focus on the medium- to high-risk areas, your legal team can reduce contract lead times, automate guidance and proactively address common pain points in the legal workflow.


In the post-signature contract phase, the engine applies practical AI to data extraction projects, thereby saving money and producing higher quality data. The diagram to the right highlights some core use cases.

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“The AI platform reads, writes, problem solves and reasons like a lawyer, understanding tiny differences in language that make all the difference in the legal world. Our AI platform is designed to read pages like a human, not a machine. It looks beyond statistical patterns and instead interprets the meanings behind the words.”
Nick Whitehouse, AI expert and General Manager, Onit AI Center of Excellence
Lower Legal Costs
Enables legal self-help to save time, increase capacity, re-align legal resources and reduce legal work going external.
Drive Contract Compliance
Control suboptimal contract negotiations, lower risk and gain visibility of your obligations with automated contract analysis.
Improve Legal Quality
Ensure your standards are always being applied and improve the quality of legal advice, while also improving knowledge sharing.
Empowers Your Business
Reduce lead times, automate guidance and proactively address common pain points in the legal workflow.
A History of Innovation & Building a Future on AI

Onit understands the unique challenges and opportunities of disruptive technology. It has been redefining the legal space for decades starting back as early as 1995 when its executives served as some of the earliest members of the LEDES™ committee (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) Oversight Committee. The company has continued this commitment to innovation as one of the first providers in legal operations to focus on process automation, workflow and collaboration. Today, Onit has more than 5,550 Apps in production, thousands of users and more than 400 global customers that trust the company with their workflow solutions.


AI is a natural extension of the company’s evolution and McCartyFinch’s breadth of AI expertise from lawyers, technologists and data scientists is key to addressing the needs of the legal profession.

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The Future of AI is Now
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