An artificial intelligence platform that automates and improves legal and business processes.

Software that Reads, Writes, and Reasons Like a Lawyer

Precedent is an artificial intelligence platform that automates and improves both legal and business processes for corporate legal departments, law firms, contract professionals, and procurement teams. With the single mission of helping business professionals get more work done faster, the AI engine automates existing mundane, manual and costly legal processes enabling continuous learning and workflow improvements. The Precedent intelligence platform brings together advanced AI techniques to empower organizations with artificial intelligence that reads, writes, and reasons like a lawyer.

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Automate legal processes while making them more efficient, cost-effective, and faster.
Faster to learn than other legal AI systems
Increase in productivity
Of business leaders see AI as absolutely necessary
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“Our AI platform learns up to 100 times faster than traditional AI, using far smaller data sets. Legal teams must provide measurable value to the business, especially during ever tightening constraints on legal spend and resources. AI technology can accelerate legal work and free lawyers to focus on higher value needs of the business.”
Nick Whitehouse, AI expert and General Manager, Onit AI Center of Excellence
Powerful Artificial Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Artificial intelligence turns contract data into actionable information.

  • Advanced AI techniques: Precedent interprets documents with a high level of accuracy, quickly identifying concepts, details, risks and issues to be actioned.
  • Orchestrated APIs: Call singular or orchestrated APIs to embed legal cognition and dynamic actions into your legal process.
  • Model Curation: Rapidly train and configure Precedent for your specific application.
  • Insight: See and manage your data like never before using Precedent’s advanced graph.
  • Cognitive Services: Virtualize your expertise and automate all manner of legal services.
  • Unlimited User Licensing: Unlimited number of users across numerous departments and verticals can access and collaborate within Onit.
Automate Tasks
Eliminate monotonous work, creating a more productive and focused legal team.
Reduce Liability
Use results that are explainable, defensible, and trustworthy.
Enhance Visibility
Access the cloud-enabled Precedent platform on all major web browsers and devices anytime, anywhere.
Lower Legal Costs
Save time, reduce legal work, increase capacity, and re-align legal resource.
The Unlimited Power of the Platform

Legal teams are constantly being asked to do more with fewer resources and a shrinking budget causing 41% of in-house legal teams to redirect their legal spend to technology. Precedent is able to satisfy an unlimited number of use cases throughout the organization from M&A insight, court decision classification, tax determination, to legal triage and financial advice compliance. Precedent provides results that are explainable, giving you confidence and trust in what the AI is producing.

The Future of AI is Now
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