Software that uses artificial intelligence to quickly draft, review, redline, and edit all types of contracts.

Increase contract velocity with AI that’s more than alerts, it does the work

Onit’s ReviewAI software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately draft, review, redline, and edit all types of contracts in minutes. Non-legal business users can now automatically receive a reviewed, redlined, and approved contract via email or self-service portal in less than two minutes. For more hands-on functionality, the ReviewAI Word Add-in designed for lawyers and contract professionals automatically drafts, reviews, redlines, and edits contracts against corporate standards. The pre-trained AI skillsets are ready to go out-of-the-box and can be applied to many different use cases including NDAs, MSAs, purchase agreements, and third-party contract review. When paired with a contract lifecycle management system like Onit’s, organizations obtain an AI-driven workflow that automates the entire contract lifecycle from creation to execution.

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AI-assisted Contract Review & Drafting
Faster contract approvals
Minutes or less to review and redline a contract
Increase in user productivity
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“This cleverly designed AI tool combines simplicity and ease of use and is an ideal choice for any legal team looking to make tangible steps towards greater efficiency and the use of technology in the management of contracts.”
Artificial Intelligent Contract Review
The only contract review software that reads, writes, and reasons like a lawyer.
Microsoft Word Add-in
Draft, pre-screen, edit, and review contracts directly in Microsoft Word.
Smart Checklists
Turn AI alerts into interactive, automated tasks that you can track within Microsoft Word.
AI-Assisted Contract Redlining
Automatically redline Word or PDF contracts with track changes and commentary.
Email & Portal Review
Business users obtain AI-assisted contract review in less than 2 minutes through email or a self-service portal.
Contract Summary
Receive a contract review summary that includes a risk profile along with issues and recommendations.
Automated Alerts
Automatically flags key contract issues using contract review templates and suggests proper edits.
Negotiation Positions
Automatically suggested primary and fall back positions directly connected to your smart checklist items.
Customizable Clause Library
Leverage more than 2,600 existing clauses created by legal experts or create unique company clauses.
Enhanced Navigation
Quickly navigate to key legal concepts and issues as well as clause references and defined terms.
Contract Lifecycle Management Integration
Seamlessly integrate ReviewAI into your Onit or third-party contract management system.
Automate Tasks
Eliminate monotonous work, creating a more productive and focused legal team.
Reduce Risks
Identify contract issues potentially missed by a human.
Enhance Visibility
Access the cloud-enabled ReviewAI on all major web browsers and devices anytime, anywhere.
Lower Legal Costs
Enables legal self-help to save time, increase capacity, re-align legal resource, and reduce legal work.
The Power of the Platform

Onit ReviewAI is built upon the industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform, Precedent. The Precedent intelligence platform brings together machine learning and natural language processing to empower the organization with a platform that reads, writes, and reasons like a lawyer.

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