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Free Business Continuity Apps to Cope with COVID-19 Impacts

In this unprecedented time, Onit is prioritizing ways to help ease the strain of dramatic business and social change. To that end, Onit is offering free business continuity Apps to help companies better manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These workflow solutions are the first of a series of new business continuity Apps the company will release to support remote workers and their families that are sheltering at home. These Apps are available to current Onit and SimpleLegal customers and non-customers and are free and simple to use.

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Access Recorded Demos of Continuity Apps

The new Apps are being considered in four critical areas:

Managing A Remote Workforce

  • Work from Home Transition
  • Business Standup/Situation Reporting

Overseeing Business Changes

  • Work Delegation
  • Client Change Tracking

Mitigating Company Risk

  • COVID-19 Exposure Self-Reporting
  • Return to Work Risk Assessment

Managing Financial Impacts

  • Financial Impact Tracking
  • Force Majeure Clause Review

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