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White Paper: Legal Operations

Transforming the Legal Ecosystem

What it means to run a legal department like a business and how it’s accomplished were the questions that drove the creation of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC). Now the original “book club,” as the founders called it, has morphed into an international organization of legal professionals.

Legal operations managers are now found in more and more legal departments of all sizes—not only in the Fortune 500s; another sign that legal operations is here to stay. In the overall scheme of legal operations in achieving its objectives, technology has increasingly played a prominent role. Driving efficiencies and controlling costs in the legal department are being borne, to a significant degree, by well-chosen technology solutions, and legal operations managers who understand this are taking action. But there’s more light at the end of the tunnel: when technology solution providers are aligned with CLOC’s core competencies, the legal department’s success already has a running head start.

This white paper will highlight how legal operations is going through a transformation and will include a discussion on the following topics:

  • CLOC’s 12 core competencies of legal operations
  • Market trends and the future of the industry
  • How technology is driving change
  • Onit’s strategic alignment with CLOC
  • How an innovative platform helps customers holistically solve their legal department needs

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