Our extensive experience in legal technology implementations decreases your time to value.

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We are committed to our customers’ success, and we know that much of that success relies on us getting software implemented quickly. In today’s environment, most process automation initiatives take between nine to 12 months, if not longer, for scoping, implementation and final execution. ROI is typically not measured for months after completion. At Onit we cut those timelines dramatically, measuring our implementations in days. The quicker we can complete implementation, the faster you can start seeing ROI.


The Home Depot migrated 12+ years of e-billing data and on-boarded more than 300 firms in less than 150 days.

Under Armour had no existing technology or process to manage its legal spend but was up and running in 180 days.

Archer Daniels Midland had an incredibly complex local business and had to replace its matter/spend management system. From inception to completion, it only took 150 days and included a global rollout.

How do we do it?
sample104 Our Unique Approach to Implementation

Our Unique Approach to Implementation

Since 2011, Onit has established itself as a leader with deep domain experience in the legal industry. Onit is the pioneer in creating platforms that break down large operational competencies into discrete tasks, adopting the familiar “app” paradigm— like on smart phones or tablets—that provides individually packaged functions that can stand alone. Together, though, those individual functions comprise a broad and comprehensive experience. This technology, coupled with our strong relationships with our clients and technology partners are key components to our unique approach to implementation.

sample104 Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We know that your software doesn’t work in a vacuum. All of your applications need to play nice with each other, and we work hard to make sure our software integrates seamlessly with other software that you’re using. Our team brings years of experience of integrating our solutions with other enterprise-level applications to the integration process.

sample104 Comprehensive Training Solutions

Comprehensive Training Solutions

We talk a lot about creating software that matches the way your people work. And while that’s an important factor in the success of creating adoption, so is making sure that your people know how to use and manage the new technology. While our software is inherently easy to use, we do provide robust training so users can gain the confidence they need to get the most out of the solution and your IT team can gain the confidence it needs to manage it.

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