Building Apps on the Onit Apptitude Platform

In November 2020, five teams participated in the inaugural Hack the House virtual hackathon. The teams consisted of a mix of Onit customers, partners and staff. Each team was assigned a general business area, asked to identify a challenge relevant to that area and create an App to solve that challenge.

They spent three weeks defining and building Apps on the Onit Apptitude platform. The Apps that came out of the online hackathon are good examples of what the platform is capable of and were created without any coding knowledge. Apptitude is simple, flexible and scalable and can be used to solve workflow challenges large and small.

Team IP: Trademark Renewal Decision Tracking App & Trade Secrets Access Tracking App

Team Members: Colgate-Palmolive, Duff & Phelps and Onit

Team IP developed an App to solve the challenges presented by conducting the process of gathering decisions about renewing trademarks with spreadsheets and emails. It provides more visibility into where decisions for each trademark renewal is in the process, as well as automates some of the communication and reminders involved with gathering decisions in a timely manner.

Team IP also developed an App to maintain accurate records of who has access to which trade secrets (or components of trade secrets) within an organization. This helps maintain security around these vital assets and streamlines the process of securing them upon an employee’s departure.

Team Diversity: Law Firm & Vendor Diversity Tracking App

Team Members: Corteva, Royal Caribbean, Consilio and Onit

Team Diversity built a solution that uses the ABA Diversity Model Survey as its basis that helps in-house legal departments gather diversity stats from law firms and vendors to ensure they are compliant with any corporate policies or diversity goals.

Team Europe: Data Breach Incident Management App

Team Members: BT, Standard Chartered, and Onit

To help organizations manage the timely reporting of data breach incidents and mitigate future occurrences effectively, Team Europe developed a centralized, collaborative breach reporting platform that allows key functions i.e. legal, IT, and security teams, to work together seamlessly. This App automates data breach response workflows/ processes based on their severity and facilitates the reporting to supervisory authorities within stipulated time frames.

Team HR: Mentorship and Career Development App

Team Members: McDonald’s Corp., Deere & Co, Morae and Onit

Team HR built an App to help bridge the gap in traditional employee development solutions. It creates a more formal way of linking mentors to mentees and tracking opportunities for career development, both inside and outside of an employee’s current role within an organization.

Team Pro Bono: Pro Bono App

Team Members: Chubb, Morae and Onit

This is an App that will help Pro Bono leadership manage, recognize and report on the time and activities of their Pro Bono programs. The App creates event records to provide critical information to attorneys and a place to track participants and statuses. It uses Onit’s grid dashboards to create saved reports and document generation capabilities to create thank you letters to recognize the participants for their noble work.