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May 21, 2020

Onit Participates in K1 Investment Management Webinar: Navigating Volatility

Onit recently participated in an exciting and timely webinar hosted by K1 Investment Management and we’d like to invite you to have a look. The webinar, Navigating Volatility, is definitely one not to be missed.

The session opened with Onit’s Vice President of Marketing Jill Black offering an overview of Onit’s Lean into LegalOps virtual program. Jill explained the timeliness of creating this program in the context of COVID-19, and how such a program contributes to really easing some of the negative impacts the crisis is having on businesses. She described how the initiative highlights programming from Onit and SimpleLegal’s customer base, industry thought leaders and innovators in the space. She then highlighted some key metrics demonstrating the success of the program, as well as Onit’s Meals on Wheels promotion, savings calculators, and Business Continuity Apps.

Travis Thornton, vice president of marketing at Dental Intelligence, then offered some insight into how his company began offering free software to their customers (dentists). He explained that their messaging needed to focus not so much on “using our tools,” but more on how to recover from the pandemic, and they put together a series of daily webinars specifically for that messaging. Travis then detailed some key metrics of their COVID-19 Rebound Action Plan campaign, showing the high level of success of the program.

Next, Yair Lehrer, vice president of marketing at Graduway, gave an overview of how his company felt the need to make their customers understand the importance of going digital after the pandemic hit. Yair described the three free products they began offering to drive inbound, Grad2020, GradBusiness and GradRaise. They realized the free offers weren’t doing as well as expected, so they began focusing on thought leadership, more content and more webinars. Their GLS Connect program was their pivotal marketing strategy. Due to the pandemic, they changed this to a highly successful live virtual conference.

Kevin Leahy, director of marketing at Gravyty explained their fundraising efforts during a crisis. Clients kept asking, “Is it okay to ask donors for money right now?” Gravyty presented a series of webinars to help their clients through the crisis and alleviate the fear of being alone by letting them hear from peers and industry experts. Kevin then details their three keys to navigating a crisis: 1) Don’t go dark, 2) Expand your reach, and 3) Ask, but adjust your ask.

In closing, the host Scott Kaplan, sales enablement and training practice director at K1 Investment Management, recapped what key changes each company had made in reaction to the pandemic:


  • Completely rethink how you go to market
  • Focus on packaging and pricing

Dental Intelligence

  • Address dentists’ concerns and problems
  • Establish yourself as a leader


  • Shift from outbound to inbound
  • Possible churn customer are speakers or prospects to be on a panel


  • Messaging got more direct
  • Offer a guarantee

We hope you’ll take some time view this informative webinar.


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