Ahead of the 2020 CLOC Global Institute, Here Are Our Favorite CLOC Resources

The annual Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute is just around the corner, meaning hundreds – if not thousands – of innovative professionals devoted to legal ops will (virtually) gather to talk trends, benchmarks, structures and best practices. Attendees will hear from significant changemakers like EY, Harvard and VMWare as well as general counsels from Coca-Cola, Easy Jet and Microsoft.

The goal of the CLOC Institute is to disseminate actionable steps that can be taken to drive specific changes – things many can get excited about, get involved in and make happen, rather than talking about a tipping point and change. With educational sessions provided by practicing industry leaders, the 2002 CLOC Global Institute offers unrivaled opportunities to stay on the cutting edge of today’s legal operations trends and technologies.

Top-Three CLOC Resources

Onit is proud to be a sponsor of the event because what CLOC does is genuinely empowering.  CLOC unites a global community of experts focused on redefining the business of law. By helping legal operations professionals and industry players collaborate, including law firms, technology providers, and law schools, CLOC works to set industry standards and practices for the profession. As part of this process, it also provides legal ops professionals with tools and insight.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore their website or join, we highly recommend both. As a start, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite CLOC resources.

  1. The 2020 CLOC State of the Industry Survey How does your corporate legal department compare to others? Take a deep dive into this annual report to discover average staffing, preferred technologies, law firm review criteria and priorities for the year. For example, did you know that 61 cents of every dollar spent on legal costs goes to external legal costs? You can read our analysis of the report’s most interesting points here.
  2. What is Legal Ops? – Successful legal operations professionals master numerous skill sets. As one legal industry expert described it, “Not only are they juggling 20 balls, all the balls are different sizes.” Their work sows operational excellence across disciplines such as financial management, firm and vendor management, service delivery models and strategic planning. CLOC created this one-stop guide to dive into precisely what legal operations does and why – as well as results – in this document.
  3. Legal Ops Tech Roadmap – Whether your corporate legal department is two or 200, this how-to guide proves useful. IT contains pointers on everything from defining key value propositions to developing a budget and presenting to stakeholders. For those corporate legal departments transitioning to more modern operations, it is a blueprint. For larger ones, it serves as a reminder of valuable basics to keep your legal ops tech roadmap on target.

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See you at the CLOC Global Institute.

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