HOUSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Onit, a leading provider of Enterprise Apps, announced the creation of an index of its publically traded customers called the Onit Index. Created to monitor the long-term success of its customers, the index shows astonishing results for the first half of 2014. As of June 2014, the average Onit Index stock value increase was 23.7% higher than the S&P 500 and Dow 30 indices averages.

“We were delighted to find that the Onit Index far outperformed both the Dow 30 and S&P 500 indices,” said CEO Eric M. Elfman, “While we cannot take credit for our customers’ success, we believe that the index is an indicator that fast-growing, innovative companies are turning to cutting-edge technology and choosing Onit Apps over traditional software systems and enterprise platforms. Our Apps not only help customers streamline operations, control costs, and reduce company risk but they can play a pivotal role in their overall profitability.”

The Onit Index is comprised of 10 Fortune® 500 companies, five large global companies and three smaller companies across a variety of industries, including technology, insurance, legal, consulting, financial services, healthcare, consumer retail, industrial, pharmaceutical, and energy.

To see an interactive graph, visit https://www.onit.com/blog/detail/19084/onit-customers-outperform-djia-and-sp-500-on-h1-ytd-growth.

Onit Apps

Onit Apps are trusted by some of the largest global companies and channels resellers in the world and have been implemented in more than 175 countries. Traditional process management initiatives normally take between nine to 12 months for scoping, implementation and execution. Onit Apps are configured in days or weeks – not months – so companies can reap the financial and operational savings faster. Created as a truly collaborative platform, enhancements to Apps can be made anytime and the process is completely iterative.

About Onit

Onit was formed by software industry experts Eric M. Elfman and Eric A. Smith, co-founders of Datacert, a leading provider of enterprise spend management software. Launched in early 2011, Onit deploys Onit Apps to simplify business process automation and improve business productivity across all departments and industries. The Onit App Builder allows business users to drive efficiency and productivity by combining business process management, project management, and information management into one easy to use tool so the user can create their own Onit Apps without having to rely on IT for support.

Businesses have processes for everything — whether it is hiring a vendor or law firm, terminating an employee, submitting a contract for review, requesting a trademark request or obtaining an NDA. Most of these processes are manual, paper intensive and cumbersome. With Onit Apps, processes are automated in a few clicks; notifications are sent to responsible parties and data collection is centralized. Onit does not require any software to download or resources from IT. For more information, visit www.onit.com or contact 1-800-281-1330.

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