HOUSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Onit, a leading provider of Smart Process Apps, today announced that it launched its suite of Legal E-billing and Matter Management Apps at LegalTech New York 2014. The new suite of Apps enables corporate law departments and laws firms to share all types of sensitive information (i.e., matter types, practice areas, timekeeper rates, expenses, invoices, budgets, etc.) in a truly collaborative workspace that wasn’t built in the 1990s.

The new App suite was designed from the ground up by experts in legal e-billing – the founders of Datacert – Eric M. Elfman and Eric Smith – and is the first real innovation in the legal spend management space in more than 20 years.

“Our Apps are the next frontier for software because they are created for people and built for change,” commented Eric M. Elfman, Onit CEO and founder. “Whether you are looking to build the most full-featured e-billing or matter management system or augment your existing system, Onit Apps are easy to develop and deploy. We’ve configured Apps in less than 30 minutes and helped customers get up and running before they could even sign a contract. Try that with your existing legal spend management vendor.”

“The only reason that we decided to get into the Legal E-billing and Matter Management space is that the market had gotten stale and the existing choices for legal departments were old-fashioned, to be kind. We found a way to take everything that is good about Onit Apps – quick to deploy, highly-focused on specific problems, collaborative from the ground up – and combine them together to create an enterprise-grade solution for Legal E-billing and Matter Management.”

Onit E-billing App

Onit’s E-billing App helps you manage, track and collaborate with your outside law firms and vendors with more efficiency and effectiveness. Now, your law firms can submit invoices using Onit’s BillingPoint service and share real-time information that is essential to its financial relationship. The App tracks every dollar of your legal spend so you can make better-informed decisions about your legal operations. Business rules can also be configured to provide automated review for compliance errors and routing for approval.

Some key features include:

  • Invoice Management – The E-billing App provides comprehensive visibility into all invoices at every stage – including submission, review, and approval.
  • Enforce Billing Guidelines – The App configures and enforces billing guidelines so you can analyze invoices and make strategic decisions.
  • Flexible Workflow – Workflow capabilities match your business requirements and are simple to change, alter or adjust. Different invoice types, such as matters related to employment, litigation, or mergers, can have their own unique workflow.
  • Reporting and Dashboard Views – Reporting and dashboard views make it easy to analyze invoices, evaluate performance against budget and see trends across your matter portfolio from all external law firms and vendors.
  • Matter Engagement and Retention – Matter engagement letters can be created and stored in the App so you can manage the law firms and vendors you have on retention.
  • Timekeeper Management – Keep track of all your authorized timekeepers and timekeeper rates in one location. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily with a few clicks.

Onit Matter Management App

Onit’s Matter Management App delivers clarity about your overall matter portfolio while providing real-time data and dashboards so you can monitor and track all your matters throughout their lifecycle. Legal team members can gain immediate access to critical matter, financial and performance metrics through simple information collection, management, and workflow. Some key features include:

  • Custom Forms for Multiple Matter Types – Tracking and managing the information you care about is easy with custom forms.
  • Email Updates to Matters – All matters are assigned a unique email address, making it simple to email status updates, correspondence, and notes in the App.
  • Ongoing Notifications – As new information, tasks and documents are added to the matter, email notifications are delivered to team members – allowing everyone to stay in the loop on progress.
  • Spend Tracking – Team members have the flexibility to track spend by matter, matter type and law firm.
  • Central Matter Repository – The App organizes all matter-related information – including documents, emails, deadlines, and dockets – so that your team members can easily access the information they need.
  • Budgeting – Manage budgets by individual matter or by vendor.

One Powerful Platform

Built on the Onit App Builder platform, the suite of E-billing and Matter Management Apps, are configured and implemented in days or weeks – not months – so you can reap the financial and operational savings faster. Unlike “enterprise” software, you can buy, configure and deploy what you need when you need it. Enhancements to Apps can be made anytime and it does not affect the stability of other Apps on the platform. The Onit App Builder platform is the only platform that can grow beyond your legal department and automate all of your enterprise process needs such as contract review and approval, NDA, sales quotes, HR onboarding, etc.

About Onit

Onit was formed by legal software industry experts Eric M. Elfman and Eric A. Smith, co-founders of Datacert, a leading provider of enterprise spend management software. Launched in 2011, Onit deploys Onit Apps to simplify business process automation and improve business productivity across all departments and industries. The Onit App Builder allows business users to drive efficiency and productivity by combining business process management, project management, and information management into one easy to use tool so the user can create their own Onit Apps without having to rely on IT for support.

Businesses have processes for everything – whether it’s hiring a vendor or law firm, terminating an employee, submitting a contract for review, requesting a trademark request, obtaining an NDA, etc. Most of these processes are manual, paper intensive and cumbersome. With Onit Apps, processes are automated in a few clicks, responsible parties are notified immediately, and data collection is centralized. Onit doesn’t require any software to download or resources from IT. For more information, visit www.onit.com or contact 1-800-281-1330.

Press Contact

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