HOUSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Why Business Apps are the Next Big Shift for Law Departments

  • Caitlin Perazzo, Assistant Vice President, Process Excellence, AIG
  • Mark Barron, Quality Manager, Legal, Johnson Controls
  • Moderated by Paul Zengilowski, Customer Development Executive, Onit
WHAT: Webinar: Interactive Discussion with AIG and Johnson Controls
SUMMARY: In this interactive webinar, AIG’s Caitlin Perazzo and Johnson Control’s Mark Barron will discuss how their legal departments embraced a new category of software – Smart Process Apps – to address dynamic technology and business challenges. Attendees will learn how the most forward-thinking law departments are delivering astonishing business results through technology that works to fit their processes – not the other way around. Propel your law department ahead of the curve by learning more about the innovative technology 21st century law departments are investing in and why you should as well.
WHEN: Thursday, June 19, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CDT


Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar.

About Onit

Onit was formed by legal software industry experts Eric M. Elfman and Eric A. Smith, co-founders of Datacert, a leading provider of enterprise spend management software. Launched in early 2011, Onit deploys Onit Apps to simplify business process automation and improve business productivity across all departments and industries. Onit App Builder allows business users to drive efficiency and productivity by combining business process management, project management, and information management into one easy to use tool so the user can create their own Onit Apps without having to rely on IT for support.

Businesses have processes for everything — whether it’s hiring a vendor or law firm, terminating an employee, submitting a contract for review, requesting a trademark request, obtaining an NDA, etc. Most of these processes are manual, paper intensive and cumbersome. With Onit Apps, processes are automated in a few clicks, responsible parties are notified immediately, and data collection is centralized. Onit doesn’t require any software to download or resources from IT. For more information, visit www.onit.com or contact 1-800-281-1330.

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